Scavenger Hunt Proposal from White In Revery
October 4, 2013
Proposals are my happy place.  I am not kidding... I seriously live for these uber-awesome tales of love and commitment.  And this darling proposal captured perfectly by White in Revery?  It's almost too amazing to believe with a memory-filled scavenger hunt, the cutest bride and groom-to-be EVER and a stunning baby's breath-lined ending that will, put simply, take your breath away.  Press play to see every last moment of lovely.
From White in Revery... This video is a scavenger hunt proposal for the lovely couple, Drew and Allysar! Drew surprised Allysar with a note the morning of the proposal letting her know that the day was going to be very special.

With her friend Shannon by her side, Allysar started on the scavenger hunt. After being sent to a salon for manis, they set off to their first big stop. It was at the very first place the couple had flirted - the Stephen C. O'Connell Center at the University of Florida. Drew left a note there with a hint and a map to the next stop.

He led her to Volta Coffee, a place that he taught her to love something new. She hadn't really liked coffee until they started dating. After all of the wonderful coffee dates that they've had there and all of the great drinks they've made her, she's really grown a love for great coffee.

From there, she was taken to Sarkara Sweets Shop. This is where she taught Drew to love something: desserts! They've spent so much time at this sweets shop playing games and getting to know each other.

Her next hint took her to a special park bench in Haile. This is the very first place that Drew said that he loved her.

Her final stop was at a farm that is owned by dear friends of theirs. Drew was waiting for her at the bottom of the hill under a beautiful tree! After a long embrace and many tears, Drew brought her to a small seat and washing bowl to wash her feet. How sweet right?! He wanted to start this new journey off right with an act of service towards her. He then kneeled down and asked Allysar to be his wife! She said yes, of course!

Some fun details...

-The song used in this video is by Drew's band Hoyle! He is the drummer.
-Everything on the scavenger hunt was filmed as it was happening. We had several GoPros set up at the different shops to make sure that we were capturing her as she was going through the hunt!