New Hampshire Wedding on White Oak Pond from Authentic Eye Photography
October 3, 2013
New England
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It's safe to say that everything sitting in pretty in this gallery from Authentic Eye Photography is taking a strong hold of my heart and won't be letting go anytime soon. Between the pretty New Hampshire setting and the stunning Claire Pettibone gown, can you really blame me? It's all topped off with a new Mr. & Mrs. who just adore each other, making this gallery that much more gorgeous. See it all here.
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Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. At my last dress appointment before the wedding, I remember reading that quote, which was painted on the dressing room wall at Claire Pettibone in Los Angeles. For as often as I envisioned our wedding day, bringing together friends and family amongst the beauty of New Hampshire at my husband's family summer home, I still can't actually believe what an enchanting day it was. After a week of rainy afternoons, travel delays, and last minute preparation chaos, my husband and I were married against an idyllic backdrop. We planned an outdoor ceremony, knowing that the weather could turn at any time, but just as it looked as though another rain shower would begin as I arrived at the aisle, the clouds parted and the sun illuminated our ceremony. Even the loons cried out on queue when our officiant mentioned the nature surrounding us on White Oak Pond.As much work as it was planning a wedding in New Hampshire from our home in LA, looking out at the day, seeing everyone we love surrounding and supporting us on our new adventure, made it all worthwhile. With the help of our vendors, including our tent and tables, caterer, florist, cake baker, and of course, our amazing photographer who captured all of these memories for us, right there, in the middle of our ordinary lives, created our fairy tale.