Chicago Wedding at Loft on Lake from Gina Cristine
October 3, 2013
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I'm pretty sure I was on my way to building at least a hundred photo boards when I first sat down with this wedding. I just couldn't stop myself. Can you blame me really? This wedding is what wedding bloggers' dreams are made of. So editing this beauty down wasn't an easy task. Thankfully all the images from Gina Cristine  are nice and comfy in this gallery, and boy is it a beautiful place to be. See it all here.
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It all started back when they were in the 6th grade together. Meeting for the first time when they were 11 years old, never did they think they would end up spending the rest of their lives together! They went out for about a week but it didn't work out just then. While remaining friends for years, throughout high school they would find themselves hanging out every once in a while. After graduation they went their separate ways. Four years later, during a random night out with some friends they both ran into each other at a local bar. Steph knew after seeing him again there was something special about Tim. Since that night, they haven't stopped talking and this October will mark six years together. After Tim graduated from law school, he moved to DC to train for his career. Steph finished school and moved to DC to be with him so that they could start their lives together in June 2011. They now reside in Washington, D.C., where Tim works for the government and Stephanie is a dental hygienist.

Tim proposed to Steph October 14, 2011. On this day, Tim had a limousine pick her up from work and take her to the Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Island. During the drive to this location, the driver was not allowed to tell her where they were going, but only allowed to pass along a number of cards (timed out during the 15 minute ride) that expressed how much Tim loves her and that slowly raised the big question. Since the date was close to their celebrated anniversary, Steph wasn't quick to jump to the biggest probability; although as soon as the cards were being passed she knew right away. During the ride, a mix of songs were playing in the background that Tim and Steph both had a connection with, and reminded Steph of their time together. She was dropped off by a bridge that led her on a path through the park to the Lyndon Johnson Memorial. It started to drizzle as she was walking the path, so she started walking faster, she saw through the bushes on the winding path, Tim standing all alone waiting her to meet him. She ran toward him, standing so handsome, in one of her favorite dress shirts of his, while Steph was in her scrubs from work. It started raining a little harder now, when Tim saw Steph, they both were very emotional, Tim started expressing his love for her. The backdrop of their engagement site was the view of the National Mall, from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the Capital Building. Tim got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. It was the best moment! Filled with excitement, they went back to their apartment at the time, and Tim had another surprise waiting for her. He made a slideshow of pictures and fun jokes expressing his love, and also surprised her with a trip to Philadelphia for the weekend. On their trip they spent their days exploring and making great memories!

Next was the wedding planning! First thing first, was picking a date for the special day! For a year a half, they planned for the best day of their lives and came about the wedding date by combing the days that mark both of their birthdays! Tim was born December 22nd, and Steph was born May 6th, so it made perfect sense to pick 06/22/13. Being from Chicago, they planned their big day in the city! They had a lot of fun traveling back and forth from D.C. to Chicago, meeting with vendors, enjoying food tastings, having bachelor/bachelorette parties, hair and makeup trials, multiple dress fittings, and finally picking out all of the details to make the day just perfect.

Steph always envisioned their big day as something with a classic but modern chic feel while tying in some rustic accents. She wanted to turn the day into something truly beautiful and a day to definitely remember. She was fortunate enough to have a lot of close friends and family that have many great talents that helped the day turn into a unique event, and everyone made their mark in some way. Some examples of special touches; Tim had a custom made suit that fit to perfection, Steph added a customized belt that to her dress for personal detail, and Tim, Steph's father and brother all wore handkerchiefs in memory of the recent passing of Stephanie's grandmother on 05/22/2013. Steph's brother created the remarkable graphics on all of the stationery made for their day. Steph's cousin made all of the beautiful jewelry for the bridesmaids. Linda Farber, Stephanie's maid of honor (Sarah Farber) mother, was the florist. She did an amazing job creating arrangements that were beautiful and unique. Steph's maid of honor was also the connection to the wonderful work of the hair and makeup artists! Tim and Steph's officiant, Dale West, is a close friend and the fiance of one of Steph's bridesmaids, Sheila Walsh. Steph's mother, Pam, has a great talent for design and creativity and helped with ideas that were incorporated into the ceremony and reception decor, as well as Steph's jewelry and blusher. Stephanie wore a pearl bracelet that was created through each birthday that she has had. Her mom had purchased a pearl for every birthday, creating a string of pearls fit for a perfect wedding accent. It was very special to Stephanie and her mom. Pam also made the blusher that Steph wore during the ceremony. The single pearl on the headpiece belonged to her beloved grandmother, along with the handkerchiefs previously mentioned. A truly unique touch was when Steph's brother, Nigel Dennis, sang her down the aisle during the ceremony, and Alan Broomhead (Tim's father) performed during Tim's dance with his mother at the reception. The music selection was planned throughout the entire day and set the mood for a great party, from Tim and Steph's first dance to Alicia Keys Not Even The King, all the way to the very last choice, Kanye West Homecoming. Everything was planned to a T and they couldn't have imagined it any better! It really was the best day in both of their lives and a great start to a wonderful life in marriage together.

Having been married for a few months now, it has been such a great experience. Starting a new life together is full of unexpected possibilities and excitement! They look forward to traveling and living life to the fullest as newlyweds, with plans to start a family in a few years. No one knows what their future holds, but they are so happy to be able to spend the rest of it together!