South Florida Wedding from BlueSpark Photography
October 2, 2013
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This is the kind of duo that is all about having a good time on their wedding day.  The kind of duo that flies to the South of Florida with their closest friends and family, kicks off their shoes and celebrates their drop-dead gorgeous nuptials with their toes planted firmly in the sand.  They are just that awesome.  And every last moment captured by BlueSpark Photography?  Second after second of pure joy literally bursting from your computer screen.  See it all right here in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... Craig and I met in 2005 during grad school at The Thirsty Ear Pub, an MIT campus bar known as "The Institution of the Institute." We were both very focused on our careers and not interested in ever getting married. So, we went our own ways, me to Fort Worth, Texas and Craig to Chicago, Illinois. We were always friends and saw each other often. Actually, it was often unavoidable since my older sister was dating and later married one of our mutual friends. In 2010, I was in Chicago on business and called Craig to meet up. A friend who saw us together politely (and figuratively) smacked me upside the head. The rest, as they say, is history.

We did the long distance thing for way too long. We hated being apart for weeks at a time and realized we would be stuck together if we were married... in a good way, of course. I work with my hands, so I really only wear flat rings that are unlikely to get caught in machinery. In lieu of a traditional engagement ring, Craig appropriately gave me a ring pop, which I wore for a solid 5 minutes.

We wanted a very small, intimate ceremony. Craig and I flew to Miami separately from Chicago and Fort Worth. My parents arrived from Queens and my sister and her husband flew in from Albuquerque. Craig's parents and his two brothers came from the DC area and his sister and her husband traveled from Salt Lake City. Our families met for the first time. We spent the weekend together and held our ceremony on the beach. Craig and I (with a little online cheating) wrote a Dr. Seuss themed script and Craig's brother, Steve, officiated with, as he put it, "a little more Dr. Dre then Dr. Seuss." Craig's youngest brother, DJ Eric, took care of our musical requests, mixing Frankie Valli's original Can't Take My Eyes Off of You with Muse's remake, for a very "us" first dance on the beach. Our sisters, Karen and Rene were our ring bearers and made sure our rings were securely attached to our bride and groom rubber duckies until Steve called them to his "Arch of Power." It was a beautiful day and a hilarious ceremony. I finally moved to Chicago a month later and we absolutely love coming home to each other every day without an 800-mile commute.
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