Rhode Island Wedding at Mt. Hope Farm from Melissa Beck Photography
October 2, 2013
New England
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This is the type of wedding I love to share. There is just something about the feeling I get from each gorgeous image from Melissa Beck Photography, that leaves me chomping at the bit to get it up on the screens of our lovely SMP readers. With the bountiful blooms by Sayles Livingston Flowers and the perfectly New England setting of the Mount Hope Farm, it's picture perfect in every sense of the word - and you can see it all right here.
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The grounds were wet, the leaves blowing and the branches were hanging a bit heavier on this day. The fog and the mist rolled in like a thick cloud but not even this could dampen the joy and happiness that was about to unfold. We watched from the hotel balcony as the sky gave us a moment of hope just before she stepped into her gown. The zipper was zipped, the jewelry was clasped, the flowers delivered, and the hugs and love given. In those moments of the final preparations, the sky decide to open up and share its blessing once again.

She gazed out the window in a moment of peace yet hopefulness. This was not the day she planned. This was not the weather she had dreamed about for her wedding day. This was not the way she hoped to greet loved ones with her new husband on the ocean at her reception.

But this was the day.

With the mist and fog. Damp leaves and umbrellas. Changes of plans, going with the flow and with trust. Trust that it didn't matter what the weather was like. Trust that it already was the perfect day, and trust that no matter how it turned out at the end of the night, that This was their day. And it was perfect.