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DIY Chair Garland
October 2, 2013
Nothing gussies up a chair like a pretty piece of garland. So whether you're feeling fearless and want to spruce up every chair in the land or simply want stand out seating for the bride and groom, this DIY is your ticket. Crafted up by our very own Jess (remember her gorgeous wedding day?), we're certain this touch of gold could make any seat feel oh so luxe.
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Faux leaves in a few different shapes & sizes
Thin gold wire
Gold spraypaint
Needle nose pliers with wire cutter


step-1Choose your largest branch of leaves to be the main branch to build off of. Gently bend it into a slight arc shape.

step-2Clip the remaining branches so they are separate and there is not much excess stem. Use the wire to tie branches on to the main stem. You can hot glue specific leaves in place so they hang the way you want them to.

step-3Cut (2) 12” pieces of wire. Tie each to the stem on either end of the garland, and loop the other end around the back of your chair. Check the placement of the garland, and glue a single leaf over the remaining exposed stem.

step-4Remove the garland from the chair, and spraypaint it gold. Spray the backside first, and then the front side. You may have to lift up some individual leaves to make sure it is covered from every angle. Let dry ½ hr.

step-5Repeat steps 1-4 to make a second garland. Hang them on the back of the bride & groom’s chairs.