California Wedding Inspiration from Jacqui Cole + Evan Hunt + La Boheme Events
September 30, 2013
United States
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There is something ever so sweet about this wedding inspiration from Jacqui Cole and Evan Hunt. It's exactly the same sweetness that comes from the very first strawberry of the season... with a little extra sugar sprinkled on top. La Boheme Events gathered an all star team (including Superfine Bakery, Pretty Vintage Table, Lovely Bride, and so many more) and created a breath of fresh air. You may question if that is even possible... but she just did it.
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From the photographers... Our everyday to do's and normals make up our day to day but they can become ordinary and gray. Our routines, if we are not careful, can become the essence of our life.

But to be in love? To be in love can be the escape. To be in love can provide the rescue of color we need in our gray day to days. Love not only holds the power to light our lives on fire but most importantly provides us with the strength, comfort, joy, and faith to know that just one other individual on this Earth has the capacity to share these unique and compelling emotions.

From Chicago we ventured across states to create imagery that foretells of a potential love that we truly believe all of us are capable of.

In celebration of a new season.

In celebration of a new strength, comfort, joy, and faith.

In celebration of love.

A collaboration from the hearts and minds of Jacqui Cole and Evan Hunt, brought to life by Hallie Slade from La Boheme Events.