I may not be a mama yet — nor anywhere close, for that matter — but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a little baby gushing every now and again. So thank the high heavens for SMP Living and their sweet nursery, family and newborn sessions. They’re my weekly rollie pollie baby fix all wrapped up into pin-able (stash away for later!) posts. And since it seems this week’s Living spotlight has taken a baby-themed turn, watch out SMPers. It’s about to get crazy cute up in here!

You might have heard our dear Erin is pregnant with twins. That’s right, TWO little beans of love on the way. And this week she shared some of her nursery design plans along with a few must-haves from the Honest Co. That, my dears, is a winning combination!

Is there anything sweeter than a newborn babe? Answer: A newborn snapped up by White Loft Studio. Say hello to little Max and his ultra stylish space in all its elephant-themed glory.

Always find yourself stumped when it comes to baby shower gift giving? Me too. But thanks to this handy little gift guide, you can take all the extra fuss out of shopping and get that mama what she really wants.

This week Living went behind the blog with Flora & Fauna — a mecca of food, fashion, and a whole lotta baby love. She’s probably one of the sweetest moms you’ll ever e-meet, and her home? Let’s just say you had to hold us back from pinning every. last. photo.

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