Engagement at Pine Farms Orchard from Purple Tree Wedding Photography
September 23, 2013
North America
VintageOutdoor Weddings
I will always be the biggest fan of engagement sessions. The biggest. For so many reasons. On the selfish side, I love soaking in all the sweetness on my end. But engagement sessions also give couples a great opportunity to get in front of the camera before their big day. And it means we all get to get inspired by sessions like this one from Purple Tree Wedding Photography. It's image after image pure prettiness, and it's all waiting for you right here.
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From Purple Tree Wedding Photography...Photographing two people in love is one of the most beautiful things in life. That love is captured so well on the camera - you can feel it in every picture. The King City Pine Farms Orchard was a magical place to shoot the engagement party. The bride-to-be's shoot style perfectly reflected her personal style in everyday life: despite being a tough fitness instructor, she loves soft waves in her hair, full skirts inspired by the 60s and delicate lace. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Orchard and lit by the late summer sun, this couple's engagement photoshoot was nothing short of extraordinary. Art and Halyna were inspired by rustic vintage with a touch of royal and chose beaming burgundy, pink and royal blue colours to compliment their day. The atmosphere at the farm was warm and endearing - it almost reflected the sparks between the two people in love.

From the Bride... The beginning of our love story is not your typical romantic story of love at first sight. The night Art and I met, I was pre-occupied with talking to my friends while he was busy flirting with other women. The second time we saw each other was different: we fell in love from the second sight and have been together ever since (I have decided my plan to move to Miami was failing miserably and stayed in Toronto). Fast-forward to 2011 - us gathering shells at the Costa Rica beach and watching the sunset. In one of the shells, I found my beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring, said "Yes!" to the man I love madly and never looked back.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world on the day of our engagement shoot - not only did we have the perfect photographer, location and stylists, I also got to spend another beautiful day with the man of my dreams.