Eco-Chic Wedding Inspiration at Campovida from Larissa Cleveland Photography
September 23, 2013
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If there was ever a shoot I wanted to crawl in and live in forever, it would be this beauty from Larissa Cleveland Photography designed by Stacy McCain Event Planning and Nicole Sillapere. It's completely dreamy in every sense of the word - from the gorgeous stationery by Mira Aster to the florals so amazing I could cry and everything in between - it's what wedding blogger dreams are made of, and it's all sitting pretty right here.
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The Location: Campovida-- A gorgeous organic farm up in wine country about an hour and forty minutes north of San Francisco.

The Concept: Using the farm to table movement as inspiration, we let northern California's lush seasonal plants, flowers and abundant animal life dictate the casually fun and bright design for this shoot. We also incorporated many found materials, reusing / re-purposing, as well as supporting all local local artists and their products, designers and stores. Most of the clothing is handmade, as well as all of the details which were gathered locally - actually directly from the organic farm.

The Colors: Happy and Bright! Whatever was in season in the garden in May, which led us to yellow, red, corals and we added a hint of turquoise for a cool pop in some of the handmade details. We also incorporated lots of natural textures - recycled paper details, recycled wood, wool and cow hides. And the vintage VW bush of course!

The Menu: All gathered from the gardens and local farms near the venue.
-penny royal chevre pursed in sorrel and tied with chives
-buckwheat gnocchi with swiss chard and asparagus and with Campovida Viognier
-ciccolini of mcgruder ranch wild boar with rhubarb mostarda
-a gratin of cardoons and gorgonzola
-whole wheat brioche and Campovida's honey whipped with butter
-fig leaf pannacotta with strawberries and mulberries stewed in Campovida Zinfandel