SMP Australia Welcomes Our Advertisers + A GIVEAWAY!
September 21, 2013
Good news, lovelies.  We have two brand new advertisers to introduce you to today... and they are beyond amazing.  I'm talking the crazy talented Adrian Tuazon Photography and the ever-wonderful bellabox, here to completely rock your Saturday.  So prepare for the world's best meet and greet and let's get to know them, shall we?

Oh, Adrian Tuazon.  Can you BE any more fabulous?  Your images are chock-full of the sort of magical moments that have the power to completely leave us speechless and capture our hearts all at the same time... and you always, always leave us wanting more.  Even better?  We can spend our entire Saturday and Sunday soaking in every last ounce of your lovely.  And, well.  That's a pretty amazing weekend, don't you agree?
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From Adrian Tuazon Photography... In my personal life, I’m a father of a beautiful son who is constantly tormented by my numerous photos of him! My partner Jason and I travel a lot, but I will always come home to Melbourne, Australia. There’s something magical about the seasons, the colours each season brings and the events that happen throughout the year. Every summer I “seriously” consider a sea-change, every winter I escape the cold and head overseas, but for those days in-between, when I can, I take in the coffee culture and escape in a café somewhere with a pile of magazines.

As an artist I try to do things differently, looking at things from my own perspective. My work has a deliberate approach. Film photography gives me the creative freedom to create something unique, inspiring and beautiful. Film is imperfect, light and organic. The process is unmatched and produces classic images that I love.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I specialise in wedding and lifestyle images. I love to travel and will shoot an assignment anywhere in the world.

Win a free engagement session from Adrian! Just visit the Adrian Tuazon Photography Blog or Facebook page for more information.  Good luck, lovelies!

If you SMPers are anything like me (and I know you are), then you love getting your hands on some amazing beauty products.  From crazy wonderful moisturizers to glorious hair treatments to everything in between, there's nothing quite like a day (or two) of pampering.  So when I first met the fabulous bellabox, I threw one heck of a virtual dance party.  Because this isn't just any beauty service. It's a $15 a month package of awesomeness delivered straight to your door with FREE DELIVERY.  Hello amazing.
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From bellabox... Surprise yourself and be beautiful with bellabox!

bellabox is the beauty service that handpicks and wraps 5+ deluxe sized beauty products and delivers them right to your door for only $15 a month, including free delivery.

The perfect way of treating yourself – and every box is themed differently for a monthly surprise – bellabox helps you open your mind and beauty cupboard to new brands and products you may not have heard of, or had the opportunity to try before. Plus, when you sign up, you fill in a beauty profile, so they can target specific items to suit one of your beauty preferences.

bellabox work with a mix of well-known International and Australian brands, as well as the up-and-comers, so every box represents a variety of beauty, including skincare, body care, hair care, makeup, fragrance - even beauty tools!

They do all the beauty browsing for you each month, and give you the chance to try before you buy, so you never purchase full-size in-store, only to find a product doesn’t suit your beauty needs. And if you find something you love? Then you just jump online and purchase the products from their online store.

Plus when it comes to beauty, bellabox know their stuff. So all the items they handpick are ones you’ll want to know about.

It’s a brilliant concept, and for only $15 a month, it is so worth it! It is not about getting a bargain, but it is about expanding your beauty horizons and getting to try a product really well before deciding if you want to buy it.

Welcome to the family Adrian Tuazon Photography and bellabox!  We are so happy to have you! xo