Willowdale Estate Wedding from Molly Anne Photography
September 20, 2013
New England
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This wedding makes me happy. Plain and simple. The colors are enough to make me smile from ear to ear - the pretty pastels, the pops of coral, the patterned dress on the maid of honor - I couldn't love it more. But the couple at the center of it all? They really take the cake. Because their love seeps through each gorgeous image from Molly Anne Photography, and that just happens to be my favorite thing ever. See every last moment here.
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From the Bride... Joe and I have always thought of our relationship as the Greatest Love Story of all time. Every single triumph and "tragedy" of our 8-year relationship has served as yet another chapter of Our Story - each chapter working harmoniously together to create the Greatest Love Story. So to answer some questions, and to give you a better idea of "Leigh and Joe", we'd like to share with you some of the most important chapters of Our Story...

Chapter L: Love Story
The spring semester of their freshman year, is when it all began. On the first day of a mandatory Psychology class, Leigh chose a seat in the second row, next to a girlfriend (who would later be dubbed The Matchmaker). Joe sat right behind Leigh which made poking and other childish flirtatious activities way too convenient. The Matchmaker knew him and the Matchmaker knew her. This Matchmaker saw something special in the two of them, that they didn't quite see yet. But after a brief summer break, they had no choice but to see it too. The Love Story that lay before them was unavoidable and overpowering...

Chapter B: Bentley Days
Their Love Story picked up full speed during their Bentley Days. Joe and Leigh were both Falcons - Joe at the pitcher's mound on the baseball field and Leigh at first base on the softball field. They shared a similar friend group which made their free time effortless and fun. They kept each other focused and motivated through many late night study dates in the Bentley Library, and they encouraged each other into the professional world as their college internships became careers.

Chapter W: Willowdale
When the two first stepped onto the Willowdale Estate Grounds in Topsfield, Massachusetts, they instantly fell in love. It's handsome, masculine features coupled with its rich history and flawless flower gardens create the magical and unique event venue that the couple had dreamed of for their wedding reception. Since booking the venue in June 2012, the couple frequently visits the Willowdale Estate for special seasonal events. Joe and Leigh are so excited to have their reception at this Estate and are even more excited to make it part of their future memories.

Notes from the Bride & Groom:
During the past year of planning and creating for the wedding, our main goal throughout everything was to share Our Story with our guests. After all, Our Story wouldn't be complete without them. Rather than typical table numbers, we assigned each table to represent a chapter of Our Story. Therefore, instead of Table 12, we had Table W for our "Willowdale" chapter. Each chapter description was written on the back of the menu cards, giving guests a sneak peek into Our Story. For interested guests, our Guest Book (which we invited everyone to sign) contained all chapters and was laced with images from our engagement session.

In terms of style, we wanted to use elements that were meaningful and beautiful to create a romantic garden party. Our color scheme of peaches, corals, yellows, pinks and greens formed a romantic and colorful combination that directly reflected our vibrant and playful personalities. Almost all elements were handmade projects - from the various signs and favors to the menu cards and Guest Book, each element was made with love, over a bottle (or several bottles) of wine! Throughout the past year, leading up to our wedding, we poured our hearts into every single detail as our small condo became a design center and storage facility.

For our vendors, we were careful to only book vendors we formed a connection with. From our beyond fabulous photographer to our impeccable florist, we booked each one because we knew they would accurately portray us. It's so important to maintain your personalities and ideals throughout the entire process. Because after all, you want your wedding to reflect your relationship, to preach Your Story.

Our biggest piece of advice for brides and grooms-to-be is to keep your center, don't sweat the small stuff. Your wedding will be absolutely perfect no matter what...so enjoy the planning, sprinkle it with some laughter, and look forward to your best chapter yet!