Los Olivos Anniversary Session from Joel Serrato
September 20, 2013
United States
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You may know Joel Serrato as wedding film god extraordinaire but, my friends, you haven't seen him like this. This that I speak of is gorgeous photographs of an anniversary session captured in the fields of Los Olivos. Yep, his talent knows no bounds. It runs from the most amazing super 8 films you'll ever lay your eyes on to still images of  love in the golden glow of that California sun. And it's beyond. See for yourself right here.
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From the Mrs. ... As our 2 year anniversary rolled around, my husband and I wanted to, in someway or another, document the moment as to remind ourselves of this special bond that we had made to one another. We weren't quite sure how, where, or who would be the one to help us capture this moment in time but coincidentally I had seen some gorgeous stills that Joel had shot and thought to myself, he has to be the one. After all, he was the one who shot the most beautiful, honest, artistic, and candid super 8 film of our wedding day. Joel is truly an artist in every sense of the word. Having spent most of his time devoted to creating Super 8 film masterpieces, this has afforded him the ability to pay close attention to detail, understand the movement and use of natural light on his subjects, and moreover create a picture that bleeds nostalgia. He is professional in all that he does and demonstrates his love and passion for the art of photo making with every click of his camera. He has a way about him that just makes you feel comfortable when your around him and it makes for a much more relaxed environment when he's shooting you. We are so grateful for Joel and all of the incredible talents that he has to offer. Whether it be behind his Super 8 film camera or behind his still film camera, he will undoubtedly create memories for you that will last a lifetime. Thank you Joel Serrato for documenting some of the most beautiful moments for us to cherish.

Photography: Joel Serrato
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