Marie Antoinette Photo Shoot from Jacqueline Pinto
September 17, 2013
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There's the Marie Antoinette you think you know, and then there is this dazzling photo shoot from the ah.mazing Jacqueline Pinto, which can only be described as a crazy awesome ode to the world's most famous queen, with a decidedly retro twist.  I'm talking pastel hues, yummy treats from Sugar Fancies and all kinds of gorgeous rentals from Unearthed Vintage coming together to create the prettiest of days, complete with fab jewelry.  See every last dazzling moment captured by Michelle March right here in the full gallery.
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From Jacqueline Pinto... Most of us know the story of Marie Antoinette, but do we really? There are certain things in history we can not change, however one Sunday morning in sunny Miami, FL a group of wonderfully talented women helped me, Jacqueline Pinto, a jewelry designer, create my latest photo shot. This could only transpire from a dream. I wanted to tweak the story of Marie Antoinette and make it my own. I had Marie Antoinette "redo" the famous moments that lead France into a hoopla and turn it all around while having the present collection of JP jewelry present there for the turnaround. Marie Antoinette also helped us tell the story of our latest packaging and show just how much sweeter our jewelry can make life be.

I have a great love for designing jewelry and it is only magnified when I get to tell a story with my jewelry pieces.

My pastel dream came to be in the most enchanting bakery in Miami, Sugar Fancies. Here, my dream turned into reality. I saw "my" Marie Antoinette come into her ornate pastel dream of a kitchen, open her tiffany blue refrigerator. As she opens her refrigerator she stops, eyes all her "JP" ingredients, then passes her finger through the ones she likes the most and goes to her baking table and bakes away for her people while drenched in Jacqueline Pinto jewelry. After her job is done, and all is well, she then enjoys the sweetness of life.

I knew the day would be a hit from the moment I first stepped foot into this jewel of a bakery. The graceful owner, Sandy, opened her doors and left us wide eyed! She revealed her exquisite pastries that we would use for the shot. I knew that these pastries had nothing to envy of the pastures that must have grazed the mouth of the real Marie Antoinette.

To tell our story we had to create a kitchen worthy of having Marie Antoinette! So as we started to rearrange the scene and make this ornate queen's kitchen a reality. I knew we had done well when we contacted the our wonderful local rental company, Unearthed Vintage. They supplied this retro refrigerator that showcased our new creative packaging designed by Llorente Design. In the style of Marie Antoinette, we like to dream ornately and out of the box. So, when we put our heads together we knew that there was only one way to deliver our jewelry. We had to deliver it sweeter than ever and drive home our slogan, what other than ice cream boxes!

Along with Marie's wonderful retro refrigerator we also used a one of kind piece from Unearthed Vintage, a vintage cooler that was converted into a baking table top. This soft mint table was styled in a way that only Marie could have ordered. We layered the table with decorated plates, strawberry milk in tall hand carved glass goblets and styled our jewelry like so. I only thought it appropriate to have choices of jewelry accessible to Marie Antoinette so that she could change her jewelry as she saw fit, while cooking for her people.

Michelle March was in the midst of capturing the final scene of Marie relaxing as we took a quick break to let Cristina Vidal put the final touches of makeup on our model, Dawn, and then suddenly at that moment, it hit me. We had done it. We were shooting a jewelry shot that allowed us to readjust history to our liking and all while showcasing that, "LIfe is Sweeter with JP."

We hope you enjoy and find that life is a little sweeter while you dream.


Photography: Michelle March | Dresses: J Crew + BCBG | Furniture Rentals: Unearthed Vintage | Hair + Makeup: Cristina Vidal | Jewelry + Styling: Jacqueline Pinto | Packaging: Llorente Design | Pastries: Sugar Fancies | Model: Dawn | Shoes: Jessica Simpson