Switzerland Wedding from Del Castillo Photography
September 16, 2013
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As if I needed a reason to pack my bags for Switzerland (I didn't) Del Castillo Photography has given me about a hundred. This wedding is absolutely stunning - from the gorgeous couple, to the fabulous decor, to that view - and I will be living out my Swiss dreams in the gallery of ridiculously beautiful images for the next few hours!
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From the gorgeous bride... Today I'm getting married! The Morning of July 20, 2013 is an awakening full of emotions. It's a hot summer day, the sun's rays warm my skin and I feel immensely happy.

My stunning Jenny Packham dress is hanging at the entrance, waiting for me. With Mara, my wedding planner, we thought of every detail to make this day a hymn to love and joy of being together. The small wedding bags for ladies are ready; they contain rice, soap bubbles, a 'waiting for the bride' cookie and a fun to cool off under the afternoon sun. The doors, hand-made with my father in low, are positioned for my entrance, they are a symbol of this new step, this new life with my husband, together.

The day goes fast, my father comes to pick me. He's wearing cufflinks custom that we did do for dads, the witness, and of course for the groom! Devis is excited and moved, the Protestant ceremony is outdoors, on the lawn. The breeze coming up from the lake carries the pastor's words in our hearts, and it excites us. Glass balls hanging from the branches, the big white pillows under the trees, the white lounge on the lawn hosts the refreshments between many laughs and photographs.

And it's dark now. Dinner is served, the table is so romantic and full of roses all around! There is the menu that I wrote by hand, after a calligraphy class.

We cut our wonderful cake surrounded by tiny lights suspended magically around us, and a sweets custom buffet accompany the evening. Our last dance, to the tune of Chris Isaak, and we let go floating lanterns in the lake, as a symbol of hope to always believe in our dreams. To never lose the magic of life.