DIY UpDo's from Your Cloud Parade + Nicole Deanne
September 13, 2013
DIY InspiredSummer Weddings
If you have a look at pinterest on any given day you'll see the pins that are gushed about and repinned a million times over are often centered around all things hair. From inspiration to actual how-to's, us ladies covet those tips from the experts and wedding day hair is no exception. Now enter Your Cloud Parade who teamed up with beauty and hair extraordinaire Nicole Deanne for two super simple, totally gorgeous tutorials. They require nothing more than a comb and a bobby-pin or ten and voila! Total hair perfection that will take you from date night to the big day.


Bobbi Pins
head band

step-1Place head band over the top of your entire head. If you have bangs, leave them out, or if you do not have bangs, part your hair where you'd like & leave down, while placing the headband over your head.
step-2 You can pin head band in place if not secure.
step-3 Then bring the majority of your hair behind resting on your back & start twisting upwards into the headband.
step-4Keep twisting & rolling the hair up into the head band. All the way across the back of your head, until all of your hair is tucked up.
step-5Lastly pin in all the loose places to secure the style.
step-6Now admire how beautiful your hair looks!!
And here's another tutorial for all you braid lovers. I know we have a few of those at SMP HQ and this style so fits the bill...

bobbi pins
teasing comb
elastic rubber bands
loose hair pins


step-1Part hair down the center all the way back in two sections. comb away any knots in the hair with a comb.
step-2Braid each section like you would do as wearing pig tails.
step-3Rubber band each pig tail with a small elastic.
step-4One braid at a time lift up and across the top of your head, as if you were wearing a headband.
step-5Now secure the first braid with bobbi pins/ hair pins
step-6Do the same with the second braid. Lift up and across the top of your head laying over or crossing over the already pinned braid.
step-7Then pin away. Make sure to tuck the loose ends under to give it more of a secure look.
step-8Spray to polish off the style.
step-9Now checkout those awesome milk maid braids you have on your head! RAD!

Photography: Your Cloud Parade | Hair + Makeup: Nicole Deanne