Illinois Farm Wedding from Photography by Katy Carlson
September 10, 2013
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People always ask me what really makes a wedding shine on SMP. My answer is always soul. When a wedding has so much heart you can feel it through the computer screen, that's when I know it will resonate with everyone that passes by the pages of SMP today. This wedding from Photography by Katy Carlson has soul and then some, and it only takes one look at this gallery to see precisely what I'm talking about. See it all here.
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From Katy... Kayla and Ethan's wedding was inspired by Bilbo Baggin's going away party from the "The Fellowship of the Ring", except without the silly costumes. The venue could not have been more perfect with a miniature forested area for the ceremony, a grassy area for dancing and a tent for feasting. Upon arriving the guests were asked to light and hang a mason jar in the trees but the details didn't stop there. Kids and grown-ups alike left their touch on a painting canvas and a canopy-tent decorated like a living room beckoned you to leave a note of advice to the Bride and Groom.

While some details were meticulously planned, others were left to unfold naturally such as the toasts and the open mic dancing. These spontaneous moments were what truly made the memories that night as they showcased what everyone who loved the couple was able to bring to the table. Following sparklers, the grooms dad even gathered everyone around to tell one of his kids' favorite "scary stories" while guests cozied on the benches with blankets that had been laid out. This truly blissful day was one that everyone, both young and old, will be remembering for years to come.

From the Groom... Remembering the wedding is a lot like those moments after sleep where you find yourself trying as hard as you can to hold onto the slipping details of a good dream. I remember the feeling of the small of Kayla's back when we kissed- delicate and a reminder, as well as a motivator for the sense of pride and protection I still feel. I remember the look of pride in my Father's eyes, and loves in my new Mother-in-law's. The lanterns reminded me of something out of Peter Pan, colored glowing mason jars suspended from trees like fireflies.