Southern Inspiration from J Leigh Captures + Colonial House of Flowers
September 6, 2013
Oh what I would have given to be on site at this seriously gorgeous shoot. It's a flower-lovers piece of heaven thanks to all the beautiful blooms provided by the talented Colonial House, and pining over every petal in this gallery one fabulous way to spend your day. The pretty was snapped up by J Leigh Captures, allowing us to enjoy every last second right here in the full gallery.
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From Christy Hulsey... A slow southern Saturday full of frolic, flowers & whimsy-fun? Yes. Yes! Though I struggle for words to fully express the afternoon, FABULOUS does the job pretty well. Striking. Breathe-taking. Simply sapping in southern charm. Dripping, in fact.

Armed with a make-up bag, a bucket of posies, cutting shears to trim greenery and pretty blooms along the way, our camera, mugs of sweet tea and a dream we set out into the woods to make the best of the day. A canopy of pine needles crowned the day. It was sapping full of floral crowns, pine bark and lush smiles.

We crowned ourselves with magnolia, jasmine, butterfly bush, camelias and peonies. We adorned rich flower rings, carried buckets of foraged materials, made bouquets, and took pictures.