Morton Arboretum Wedding from Ashley Biess Photography
September 6, 2013
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I'm one of those sappy romantics that believes in fate, true love and all things meant-to-be.  One of those ladies who can't seem to ever get enough of a romantic story (here's to you, Jane Austen) or a fabulous, love-filled wedding.  And when I meet two cuties as sweet as this adorable duo captured by Ashley Biess Photography, my day jumps from amazing to outrageously happy.  Because these are the type of sweethearts that have a story that is beyond movie-worthy (hint: they met in pre-school) and a wedding that is chock-full of pretty.  See it all in the full gallery.
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From Ashley Biess Photography... About 20 years ago, Emily, JT and the rest of their pre-school class gathered around the playground for a class photo. Everyone smiled for the camera and then resumed back to their games and play time. It was Emily and JT's first photo together; and while they didn't know it at the time, it would certainly not be their last. These two little pre-schoolers would meet again later in life, and someday become best friends and husband and wife.

Emily and JT's wedding, in one word, was perfect. It was the most beautiful Spring day at the Morton Arboretum, where guests gathered in the Hedge Garden to watch the couple's knot tying ceremony. The vibrant yellow flowers and handcrafted decor made the sunny day shine even brighter. JT's heartfelt vows to his bride had everyone in tears. Guests applauded and cheered as JT and Emily shared their first married kiss.

At their reception, beauty was everywhere to be found! Everything from the flowers to the handmade decorations to the room itself at the Morton Arboretum were perfect for their summery wedding. The room looked effortlessly gorgeous and fit perfectly with their personalities, style, and story. Emily's pinwheels were found as both decor and escort cards, leading guests to their tables. Friends and family wrote well wishes to the couple on Jenga pieces, so that Emily and JT can reread the happy notes every time they play. My favorite detail was JT's home brewed beer and root beer, appropriately titled Something Brewed, that he made special for all of their guests. It was a big hit!

From the Bride... One of my favorite memories of the day was hearing my husband's vows to me and all the emotion that he had behind them. His words were filled with love and affection. For him to confess his love in the most raw form, in front of our family and friends, was absolutely amazing. Another moment that I won't forget is sitting with my husband at our table watching all of our guests dancing and enjoying themselves on the dance floor. It whas at that point that I realized how after 18 months of planning for our wedding, it turned out to be even better than I had envisioned.