Sunday Brunch Elopement Photo Shoot from Laura Kelly Photography
September 4, 2013
North America
You know what I love more than anything?  Brunch.  Well, brunch and one seriously drop-dead gorgeous wedding.  And when the two come together in one out-of-this-world photo shoot?  I go bananas in the best possible way.  Because, really, what's better than layers upon layers of fab stylings by Kennedy Event Planning, a surprise wedding theme (!) and moment after glorious moment captured by Laura Kelly Photography?  Answer: absolutely nothing.  See it all right here in the full gallery.
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From Laura Kelly Photography... I'm absolutely in LOVE with the images you're about to see, but there's a little backstory you'll need to know before diving in. I think surprise weddings are going to be the new thing; I really do! People are loving the idea of getting married in their homes, saving a ton of money, and making their "wedding" all about the people, the love, and the marriage. So when it came time for Shannon Kennedy and I to work on a new project, we wanted to do something to reflect this future trend.  Instead of creating your typical wedding styled shoot, we created the concept of a beautiful couple who invite their two best friends over for a Sunday brunch, only to announce that they're actually "eloping" and planning to exchange rings on that very day. A private wedding at home -- just the way they'd want it. But of course this couple would want to take the time to make THIS brunch special -- since it's their wedding day and all! Only the finest treats and most delicious coffees would be served. And what's a wedding without playing dress up with a friend? That's why we wanted to have the girls dressed to the nines, and complete with stunning hairpieces and jewellery. This concept allowed us to work with a ton of freedom on things like food, paper goods, wardrobe, etc. And to challenge ourselves even further, we were going to do the whole thing without any. real. flowers. So hard to do!

Photography: Laura Kelly Photography | Coordination +  Styling: Kennedy Event Planning | Vintage Rentals + Styling: The Sugar Post | Jewellery, Hairpieces, + Makeup: Sarah Walsh Bridal | Hair: Lori of Showpony Hair | Stationery: Wishtree Invitations & Stationery, Inc. | Model Styling: Alyssa Beltempo | Bridal Sash, Paper Flowers, + Wreath: White Ribbon Accents | Clothing: Club Monaco | Shoes: Town Shoes | Models: Kimberly Shaver, Jeremy Rutke, Jessica Levasseur, Pierre Levasseur