Austin Wedding at The Blanton Art Museum from Ashley Garmon Photographers
September 4, 2013
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Yesterday I was having a day Murphy could probably base his entire law on - everything that could possibly go wrong, did. But then this pretty designed by Bird Dog Wedding and captured by Ashley Garmon landed in my lap, and immediately, all was right with the world again. Because, really, how could you not just throw all your cares away when looking at a wedding like this? It's so gorgeous, so full of life and love, so jammed-packed with stylish details - it's a wedding that will make you forget Murphy and his silly law ever existed, and it's all sitting pretty right here.
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From the Bride... My wedding was special because there were actually two. I'm Vietnamese American and my fiance is...a ginger. Unsurprisingly, my mother had been dreaming of a traditional Vietnamese wedding for me since I was little girl. To accommodate my family, we had two distinct ceremonies: one Vietnamese-style in Houston and one Western/American in Austin.

Since the American wedding was the one for us, I'll focus on it and what made it so Phantastic. Nearly all the details and designs were hand-crafted by me, or my bridesmaids and close friends. First, I hand-lettered our invitations, and with the help of a graphic designer friend was able to vectorize the writing and fashion our logo. I designed the programs and watercolor-lettered the place cards, dessert table backdrop, and guest book.

We plan on framing this art-piece-as-guest-book poster in our new apartment. While I can admit I'd rarely thumb through an actual book, I love that I'll be able to read well wishes every day.

An advantage (the only advantage?) of having two weddings is that I actually used the first experience to prepare for the second and learned valuable lessons, both logistical and otherwise, to improve the Austin wedding. Chris' wedding ring was designed by a good friend of mine, Katy Skelton, who is a furniture designer based in Brooklyn. We worked with two designer friends Samuel Thibault and Corey Marquart on our website.

It was very important for me to be able to brand our wedding and document images of the process leading up to and including the big day on social media like Instagram and Twitter (#phantasticwedding). And as a creative person by nature, I wanted everything to match and to be handmade - and with limited financial assistance from our families, this was often a necessity. As you can see, I love colors, especially bright ones. To go with all the personal, DIY touches, we had a friend of ours officiate the wedding (our definitely-Jewish but also-internet-ordained friend Emily did an amazing job!)

We also did a few silly and a few cultural things. I secretly planned for a lion dance for our grand entrance. The Texas Dragon Dance team promised us two dragons with a hope that they MIGHT be able to swing a third. As providence would have it, the third lion was arranged and was bright orange - the color of the hair of the groom.

We had krazy name straws for the bridal party - a huge hit. Chris and his friends are devoted fans of Lone Star beer and it was great seeing people gracefully sipping the cheap Texas brew out of personalized straws. Production was limited to only 5 letters, so abbreviating some of the names required some creativity. If funds had allowed, we'd have given each guest a straw. People are still talking about them 2 months later.

The truth is I had so many ideas that due to time and resource limitations, a lot of them weren't able to come to fruition. But I love that so many people have come back to me after the wedding excitedly offering their favorite moments and it's amazing how many different memorable aspects there were.