Rhode Island Wedding at the Waterman Grille from Jen Ing Photography
September 2, 2013
New England
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To be totally honest, I'm not usually one to be drawn to purple. Pink is just more my style. But after spending mere seconds with this Rhode Island wedding from Jen Ing Photography, I realized I might have been on the wrong team all along. Because if "team purple" looks anything like this elegant "I do," it's most definitely the side I want to be on.
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From the Bride... Ed and I met when he was a graduate student and I was an undergrad working in his lab at Michigan State University. He very discretely asked me out for ice cream on my birthday when no one else was around and the rest is history.

Right from the start, we knew that we wanted our wedding to be intimate and to focus on the small things to really make it ours. And since our family and close friends were traveling great distances from, other parts of the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Malaysia, to Providence for our wedding, we wanted to make sure that we could cherish the time with them as much as possible. We decided to have the wedding at the Waterman Grille where we would have a scenic backdrop overlooking the Seekonk River while dining inside their elegant dining room. It was the perfect location for our small, intimate, and elegant wedding that we had envisioned.

We tried to put our own personal touches on things, and one of my favorites was our wedding invitation. Ed has always had an eye for design, and was inspired by an idea he had seen online using origami hearts. We carefully folded the hearts that had our wedding date printed on them, and tied them to paper tags with the RSVP on them. I absolutely loved their understated simplicity and their uniqueness plus we had tons of fun making them together! We also put our own touches on the wedding favors. Days before the wedding, I made hundreds of homemade lemon cookies and nestled them in miniature versions of traditional Chinese wedding gift baskets that my sister had brought from Malaysia. They were too cute to resist! Our guests signed their well wishes on an artistic print of the iconic Biltmore Hotel in Providence by Dan Butler, as a memory of where we got engaged and married. In loving memory of my parents, I displayed their wedding portrait as a tribute to them. Also, in keeping with our Chinese heritage, we poured tea for our family members as a sign of respect in this time-honored tradition.

As for the ceremony, a close friend of ours officiated the wedding for us. It was a tender moment when my sister walked me down the aisle and seeing Ed looking handsome, waiting at the end. Looking back, we were lucky to be able to share this precious moment with people who are near and dear to us. There is absolutely nothing I would change about our wedding except that I wished my parents were able to witness that day.