Cherry Blossom Inspired Photo Shoot from lilelements + Ruffles and Bells
September 2, 2013
Australia & South Pacific
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I'm a firm believer that right along with a big cup of coffee, your day should start with a big dose of inspiration on the side too. Enough to fuel your day with fabulous thoughts - and today, that dose comes by way of the pretty images sitting below by lilelements styled by Ruffles and Bells. It's the perfect way to start your day, and it's all ready for you right here.
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From lilelements...This shoot was a collaboration between some talented vendors with our stylist, Eliska from Ruffles and Bells, co-organising the shoot with me. The theme for this shoot revolved around the delicate short lived flower known as Sakura or Cherry Blossoms. The inspiration behind this idea was to welcome the upcoming spring season, Eliska and I wanted to capture the light hearted flower using pastels and keeping it simple. The location chosen for this photo-shoot was Brighton Le Sands beach in Sydney, Australia. I’ve chosen this beach due to its beautiful fine white sand and the clean blue waters; the location was great as it’s not too crowded. The day started out with a cold sunny morning but as we were setting up the sun kept on staying out to play which reminded us that spring was just around the corner. The endless blue skies went really well with our pastel palette, with not one single cloud spotted.

Lusia from Antique Events was wonderful to work with; she had the most gorgeous inventory of vintage props and furniture. Eliska felt like she was a little kid opening up all her Christmas toys, she just wanted to use every single thing there was. Lusia also had a wooden ladder which was just a vintage and rustic feel that it was too pretty that we had to use it, it became one of the main props in one of our photo-shoots. Sandy from FloraNectar did such a great job getting the cherry blossom flowers and branches, we were so worried that we couldn’t get any as cherry blossoms were only starting to bloom around our shoot. Not only did she get the branches but she is so talented at using similar flowers and creating the cascading bouquet, it was just so pretty that I fell in love with it, she got me at orchids.

Leigh from The Cupcake House went all out in her beautiful cakes, cupcakes, tarts and macarons. Eliska and I was just stunned at how much effort Leigh did for the dessert table and just loving the naked cakes she made. The meringue tower was amazing! We just had troubles of holding ourselves from not eating it. Tanya from Eden Rose had the most spectacular lace dresses I’ve ever seen, her fine detail lace with embellish beads was to die for….I was just so enticed that I want to get married when I first saw these dresses. What also made the dress pop out was using some of the prettiest bridal accessories I’ve seen from Bespoke by Renee.

The two models were naturals, Amy Segal and Lea Mitchell both had their make up and hair done by Morena Abellar and Kapesa Chatterjee. They kept it very light and simple, such angelic faces if you ask me. The shoot is an inspiration to welcome Spring and Summer this coming months. We want to feature the pastel tones that are ever so popular this year with romantic laces and vintage touches that compliment the freshness of Spring.

Photography: lilelements | Floral Design: Floranectar  | Styling: Ruffles and Bells | Props: Antique Events | Sweets: The Cupcake House | Makeup + Hair: Morena Abellar & Kapesa Chatterjee | Accessories: Bespoke By Renee | Wedding Dresses: Tanya Anic - Eden Rose