SMP Living Spotlight!
August 16, 2013
It's become a bit of a Friday tradition to put a quick pause on the wedding world and talk all things Living. And boy, do we have some serious fun in store. From fashion to decor to a chocoholic's heaven, I'm predicting this Living spotlight goes down as the best one ever.

Remember our Grandma's favorite recipe contest? Well, on Wednesday we shared the top 10 grammy-approved dishes and left the voting up to YOU -- the ultimate taste-testing experts. One of our very favorites? These devilishly delicious homemade snicker bars. So bad, yet sooooo good.

Pinning happens to be one of very favorite past times, but let's face it, it can be more than a little frustrating when sourcing your favorite items is a no-go. So SMP Living broke down their favorite bedroom pin, showing you how to get the look with absolute ease. The only issue left? Resisting the urge to buy EVERYTHING.

When it comes to pulling off those summer sequins, who better to give us the low-down than the Glitter Guide's Taylor Sterling. With 5 chic ways to sneak sequins into your look, we're ready to shimmer and shine with total confidence.