Chic Paris Elopement from One and Only Paris Photography
August 15, 2013
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I love elopements.  The word alone brings a smile to my face a mile wide.  So when I spotted this beautiful affair captured by the ever-wonderful One and Only Paris Photography, I was instantly mesmerized. Because this, my friends, is the epitome of elopements; exactly the way you imagine every wedding for two should be.  A breathtaking bride, a dapper groom and the City of Light shining brightly in the background of every last love-filled moment of beauty.  See it all right here in the full gallery.
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From One and Only Paris Photography... A simple yet extremely elegant elopement in Paris. Josh and Brittany are Canadians who recently moved to England but wanted to elope in Paris.

From the Groom... Our wedding plans began in December 2011 on bended knee in the snow under a beautiful tree somewhere in Nova Scotia, Canada. I had spent the previous months convincing Brittany that a wedding and a proposal were years and years away. She thought we were just taking photos together, something that we did often as I had been a photographer before moving into medicine. With the camera firing away I proposed, she said yes, and I whisked her off to Montreal to celebrate our engagement.

We tried our best to plan a "normal" wedding, it felt like such a chore, trying to make everyone happy, the more we planned the less it felt like US. One night while browsing for wedding dresses, Brittany found Style Me Pretty. Her breath was taken away. Just the two of us, alone in Paris, photos by this amazing photographer. It felt like US.

"Do you want to Elope?" she asked me. "YES!" I replied.

There was no other option than Paris. We had had our second date in Paris the year before, spending a week together. It was here that we fell deeply in love. It was our city, it was US!

We spent 5 days in Paris for our wedding. It was incredible-- we focused on each other and created the perfect way to start our lives together. Everything from our hotel to our dinner was perfect, nothing felt rushed or harried. We couldn't be happier. We had heard many friends say they couldn't wait for their wedding to be over. We felt the opposite, wishing to stop time and stay in that moment forever. It was and is the perfect way to celebrate one another.

Many thanks to our families for being so supportive and to Audrey for creating our wedding photos. They are a perfect memory of our elopement!

Photographer: One and Only Paris Photography | Hotel: Royal Monceau | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Gown: Vera Wang | Cinematography: The Bride & Groom