Turks and Caicos Love Shoot from Judy Pak
August 13, 2013
Can I just tell you, I just adore, and I mean adore, the idea of snapping up a few shots the day before your big day. Before all the hustle and bustle, before the whirlwind. I adore it even more when it's captured by the lovely Judy Pak on the gorgeous island of Turks and Caicos because that means we are in for some serious lovely. And that's just what is sitting in this gallery. But don't stray too far today, this couple's gorgeous wedding is coming up next!
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From Judy Pak... Marissa and Kanu opted for a portrait session before their wedding day to document their time on the gorgeous islands of Turks and Caicos. We decided to charter a private boat and explore some deserted islands. These two were so happy, laid back and in love…a complete joy to photograph. They laughed, frolicked and just enjoyed each other’s presence with nothing around them for miles and miles. With the beautiful sun setting behind us, we headed back to the hotel where they were joined by friends and family for their gorgeous rehearsal dinner on the beach. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Photography: Judy Pak Photography | Location: Turks and Caicos