Behind the Scenes with Target Registry + Bohemian Glam Party + DIYS
August 12, 2013
We've shown you just how simple it is to incorporate your Target Registry picks into a real life party and now we are going to delve behind the pretty images for a peek at the makings of this Bohemian Glam affair. Have a look at this film showcasing all the behind the scenes action plus a peek out how we layered on the boho glamour to really make the party shine.


Cute right? Well we're so not done yet. We have not one but four easy peasy DIY's to share. These projects were inspired by our Target finds and will really help to personalize your upcoming party. From marbled paper (double swoon!) and right on through to gold dipped feathers, these are elements that no Boho Glam party should go without.


RIT dye in orange, purple, navy, brown, and pink
White cotton napkins from Target
3 small foam paint brushes
Latex gloves
Plastic cups
Large metal or glass bowl
Clothespins, drying rack, & old towel
Paper towels
Plastic spoon

Step-1Set your drying rack over the old towel, and keep it close to your workstation. Set out two clothespins for each napkin you plan to dye on the rack. Cover your work surface with cardboard, tinfoil, or a trash bag to protect it. Put on your gloves & apron.

Step-2Fill the large bowl with enough warm water to submerge a whole napkin. Stir in pink and orange RIT dye and test with a strip of paper towel until you reach the desired coral color. Always start with a little bit (these dyes are powerful) and add more gradually.

Step-3Fold your napkin in thirds and then in half. Submerge the napkin in the dye completely, then pull out and wring out the excess liquid. Hang on the drying rack. Repeat with remaining napkins.

Step-4Fill 3 plastic cups a little more than halfway with water. Stir in navy, purple, and brown dyes (one to each cup) and test with paper towel until desired darkness has been reached.

step-5Make sure your gloves & work surface are clean of dye, then bring one napkin over to the work surface. Use the foam paintbrushes to paint watery stripes on the bottom of the napkin. Flip over and paint the same stripes on the backside (it will soak through to the middle layers). Hang back on the drying rack, and repeat with remaining napkins.

Step-6Let napkins dry overnight and they'll be ready to party!


Metal votive holders from Target. Similar here
Masking tape
Plastic wrap, tin foil, or paper
Gold spraypaint

Step-1Wrap a strip of masking tape around the votive holder, marking off the bottom 1/3 or so. Wrap another piece of masking tape around the top of the votive holder.

Step-2Wrap plastic, tin foil, or paper around the area of the votive holder between the two masking tape lines. Seal to the tape with another layer of masking tape.

Step-3Place the votive holder on a piece of cardboard or trash bag. Spray the inside of the votive holder with gold spray paint. Then spray the uncovered portion on the outside of the holder. Let dry 1/2 hour.

Step-4Remove the masking tape & covering. Place candle inside & light!


Alum (spice aisle in the grocery store)
Liquid starch (next to spray starch in the grocery store)
Dishwashing soap
Acrylic paint in 3-4 colors
Empty plastic squeeze bottles (one for each color of paint)
Wooden skewers or chopsticks
Aluminum baking tray, several inches deep and larger than your paper
Paper of your choice

Step-1Mix together 2 cups liquid starch & 1 tsp alum and pour into the baking tray.

Step-2Mix together one color acrylic paint, a little water, and a drop of dishwashing soap in the plastic squeeze bottle. Repeat with the remaining colors. The water and the soap thin out the paint and help it float on the surface of the starch.

Step-3Shake drops of paint from your squeeze bottles into the baking pan.

Step-4Use the skewers to draw lines through the paint drops, horizontally and then vertically.

step-5Gently float your paper on the surface of the paint. If the corners curl up, press them down with your fingers, and hold the paper in place for 10-20 seconds.

Step-6Remove the paper from the tray and wipe off excess liquid with a paper towel. Lay on several sheets of paper towel to dry overnight. If the paper is curved, it can be ironed flat again.

Step-7Repeat one to two more times with that paint. The colors get muddy quickly, so run a piece of newsprint or paper towel across the surface to remove the paint and then you can lay down new colors and patterns to make as many papers as you like.


White feathers (available at craft stores)
Gold spraypaint
Spray adhesive
Gold glitter

Step-1Place feathers on a sheet of cardboard or trash bag. Spray paint the top 1/4 of the feather with gold spray paint. Let dry.

Step-2Spray the top 3/4 of the gold painted portion of each feather with the spray adhesive.

Step-3Sprinkle on gold glitter. Shake off the excess. Let dry for 1 hour, and they're ready to go!

Photography: White Loft Studio | Styling: Style Me Pretty


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