New York City Hall Wedding from Melissa Kruse Photography
August 7, 2013
Tri State
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City Hall weddings hold a special place in my wedding-loving heart. Not because I personally tied the knot on city steps, but because a part of me always dreamed of doing so. And my dream looked just like this couple's gorgeous day captured by Melissa Kruse Photography. To me, their day and their story is romance defined, and you can see every last moment right here.
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From Melissa... With a bride of Russian heritage and a groom flying in directly from India the day before they wed, this is the ultimate international couple. And what's more, this adorable and oh-so-sweet couple's love truly transcends the test of time and distance. Having met 4 years ago while studying in Italy, they spent most of their relationship long distance with many trips in between. But after a proposal in India last year, and their recent knot-tying, he is finally moving to New York City for good!

So, to open this new chapter in their relationship we made it a point to capture New York's finest, with the wedding at City Hall, a yellow cab ride to portraits in Central Park, and a quick stop at a quintessential hot dog stand. My favourite details of the day include the stunning emerald engagement ring they discovered in India, a dash of poppy red on the nails, classic white roses for a touch of elegance, and an ultra-lux fur shrug - a perfect touch for this chilly pre-spring occasion (and from H&M no less!)

And while this intimate marriage ceremony was already packed with so much love and beauty, they have a full wedding ceremony planned for family and friend's this coming September in Italy, with a celebratory reception in India to follow in December.

From the Bride... I met my husband in a piazza in Rome almost four years ago. Jatin and I were students studying abroad at The American University of Rome when we met and fell in love. Since then our lives have been filled with Skype calls, airline tickets and lots of love.

Jatin is from India and I’m from the US so you can imagine the amount of frequent flier miles we have accumulated. We have had a long distance relationship for years with lovely trips in between – from the Coliseum to the Taj Mahal, we have been blessed to see some of the worlds most incredible sights together.

Jatin proposed to me a year ago in Hyderabad, India with a beautiful and unique emerald engagement ring, to this day I still can’t believe its mine! We celebrated our legal marriage here in New York City on a magical March day. We are having our Catholic ceremony back in the beautiful Italian city where we met this coming September. A reception in New Delhi, India will follow in December.

Thankfully we are finally now on the same continent, under the same roof and now sharing the same name. Love knows no boundaries!

Photography: Melissa Kruse Photography | Fur Shrug: H&M | Dress: David's Bridal | Venues: Central Park + New York City Hall