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August 3, 2013
Tri State
You may have heard me say this a time or two (or ten million), but staring at beautiful wedding imagery? It's my favorite pastime... ever.  There's just something about a pretty, pretty wedding day photo that never, ever fails to take my breath away, and when it comes to the amazing work of Renzi & Hawkens Studio, you can count on me being all sorts of speechless.  I'm talking moment after moment of absolute perfection captured by some of the most brilliant photographers you'll ever have the privilege to meet.  So grab that cup of coffee, cozy on up with your laptop and dive into their lovely portfolio... it's simply mesmerizing.
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About Gina Renzi, Co-Founder & Principal Photographer... Gina’s calming and intensely creative nature immediately puts her clients at ease all the while quietly and unobtrusively capturing very real and beautifully artistic moments with stunning results.  “I always like to approach each wedding and photography project as if I’m shooting a mini documentary. All the essential elements are there. It’s a matter of searching for the right moments. It’s in the details and paying attention to things most people might miss. These are the little gems and the images that resonate with my clients. One of the best compliments – I can hear is, 'Oh I love this, where were you when you took that? I didn’t even know you were there!'”

About Jude Hawkens, Co-Founder & Principal Photographer... Inherently realizing each wedding and photo shoot is both a privilege and unique opportunity, Jude Hawkens instinctively envisions each moment and captures the natural, raw emotion and beauty within all of us by combining an unobtrusive documentary approach mixed with a quick sense of humor, wit and playful passion clients respond to with amazing results. Versatile in creating artistically stunning images with a natural and free spirited energy, Jude applies both his extensive technical capabilities and strong artistic vision to find not only an intuitive and significant perspective but powerfully engaging and visceral images filled with compassion, love and life.

Gina and Jude have photographed many high profile NYC and destination weddings and events. Their work had appeared in New York Magazine, PDN, Hamptons Magazine, Vermont Vows, Adirondack Life while some of his associates include, Vanity Fair, Forbes, Maybelline, Combe, Inc., WET Productions and The Metropolitan Opera.

About working together… We approach each wedding as if we were filming a documentary. Through images we create a natural narrative that’s real – no cookie cutter shots allowed… life happens in real time, so should your photography. With and ease and comfort of working together as an unparalleled team – Gina and Jude continue to surpass all their clients expectations by creating innovative, artistic and emotionally charged images their clients value always.  “When you work with someone who is as equally invested and passionate about their work as you are… you’re pretty lucky. Simply put – we LOVE what we do and we love being able to do this together."

From Brides & Grooms, Planners and Press...

“It takes people like the two of you to remind us that a great photographer still makes a difference.  That's what great photography does: it freezes love in time.” - T.K., ABC News Anchor

“I’ve worked with TONS of photographers for many events I’ve done at Calvin Klein and now with Vanity Fair – Gina and Jude are by far the best!” - B. L., Vanity Fair

“Incredible, timeless, iconic images everyone wants to see from their wedding. The kind of photography that holds up to the test of time.” - Alex and Matt

“We look back at our wedding photos and realize our memories are inherently tied to the photographs you created. They truly document the beauty emotion, love, and joy we shared with our family and friends.” - Tamara and Jason

“We were so impressed by the artistic quality of your work – the way an unusual angle could make and image that much more beautiful and exciting.  And somehow you did it without once interrupting the flow of our celebration – as you allowed us to take it all in and enjoy it. If there were any doubt our wedding was the best day of our lives, we have hundreds of photographs to prove it!” - Julia and Michael

“Absolutely exquisite work… Gina and Jude really know how to capture the emotion and celebration.” - Claudia Hanlon, The Wedding Library

“Intuitive an sensitively unique photography at its finest…” - New York Magazine

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