Evergreen Wedding from Alders Photography
August 2, 2013
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This couple got engaged on their very first date, after their very first kiss. It's a story (spelled out below) that you won't want to miss. The resulting wedding, captured brilliantly by Alders Photography, was worthy of a love story so fantastic... though it is way too pretty to be planned in a day.
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From the photographer... Kerry and Ben live in Hawaii, but wed in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on the homestead of Ben's parents estate. There’s is the most backwards love story. Kerry and Ben met their first week of school freshman year at the University of Colorado Boulder. After a fun trip to the grocery store and as Ben put it in his vows, hundreds of jokes about cereal, the initial seed was planted. But not for love. No no. For their friendship. A fort was made under Kerry’s bed in her dorm room for Ben. The two were inseparable. But not yet in love.

Later that fall, after a football game, the two friends found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Appearing on the scene of a fire shortly after it was started (by some other rowdy Boulder students), the two went closer to the fire to get a better look. Unfortunately, that’s when the cops showed up, and mistakenly arrested them. They spent the night in jail together. But they did not fall in love.

Ten years passed. Kerry and Ben were best friends. They finished college together, vacationed with each other’s families, did everything together. Work brought Kerry to Los Angeles and Ben to Hawaii. Despite their distance the two remained very close. But they did not fall in love.

Finally one day on one vacation, Ben worked up enough courage and turned to Kerry and basically said, “You know we’re in love, right?” And she did.

Shortly thereafter, while in Colorado, the couple went on their first date. They revisited their old haunts in Boulder, kissed for the first time, and at the end of the date, Ben proposed. Kerry of course said yes, relocated to Hawaii, and the rest is history. Because they are in love.


Photography: Alders Photography | Caterer: Mount Vernon Country Club | Dress Store: Saks Fifth Avenue | Cake Designer: Bee Sweet Bakery | DJ: DJ on Demand | Venue: Ben's Parents Homestead in Evergreen Colorado