Ontario Engagement Session from Laura Kelly Photography
August 1, 2013
North America
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I love summer. With all my being. So a sweet engagement shoot like this one from Laura Kelly Photography fills my heart with happiness. Particularly when the two sweethearts in the center of it all, just seem to be over the moon for each other (we all know I eat that up with a spoon). So it's safe to say when you pair summer and love, I turn into mush - and you can see all the reasons why right here.
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From the Bride-to-be...James and I met in third year of university during a group Co-op interview. The first part of the interview was a written test that I had done the year before. I remembered that there had been a question on grilled cheese sandwiches. I peeked under the sheet while everyone else was filing into the room and couldn’t contain my excitement so I whispered out, “It’s about grilled cheese again!!”. This apparently caught James attention and we started talking in the waiting room afterwards.

When James went home, his roommate asked him how his interview went, he responded "I think I met a girl". He went to find me on Facebook only to realize that I had already added him because I had found his profile through a mutual friend. (I'm a super creeper.) We started talking on msn and realized that we both love 'Friends' , that we had taken a few classes together, had worked in the same building during a previous co-op term and had even attended a workshop together in that building. Years later, we would also find out that my aunt, uncle and cousins used to hunt in James' home town and that they knew some of his neighbours. Small world.

Our first date was a couple of days later. We picked up Starbucks and went for a walk around Parliament Hill. It was going so well that we went back to my place for tacos and then ended up watching Big Fish. He was a perfect gentleman through the whole date and didn't make one move. Needless to say, I was disappointed. It wasn't until our third date that we had our first kiss. After about two months of dating, the OC Transpo bus strike happened. With me living downtown and James living near Woodroffe and neither of us having a car, I think we saw each other twice in about 30 days. We talked almost every day and thankfully we beat the long distance odds. Were we ever happy when the strike ended. For me falling in love was just a thing that happened naturally, until one day I needed to tell him.

Photography: Laura Kelly Photography