Wedding Bouquet Round Up
July 29, 2013
At SMP, there are a few things that will always make us stop and swoon - a gorgeous gown, a stunning image,  a sweet love story - they all turn us into giddy little girls. But if you really want to hear us squeal, show us some beautiful blooms. They get us every.single.time. So on this lovely Monday morning, we thought we'd fill your screens with complete floral bliss...and selfishly, we couldn't resist such a pretty start to the work week.

Lets start with this astilbe beauty  - it has been dancing in my dreams since I first set sights on it's pretty little petals. It's simple, yet sweet and perfectly gorgeous. See the entire wedding here.
Try to take a look at this beauty and not smile from ear to ear. It's the definition of gorgeous, with its overflowing blooms and perfectly preppy style - you simply cannot deny the pure prettiness of this bouquet. See more from the wedding here.
Looking for something a little more Kate Middleton? Classic and timeless, yet filled with style - well look no further than this gorgeous white bouquet. It's traditional done oh so right, and it's oh so gorgeous. The rest of the wedding is right here.
This bouquet has style for miles and was the perfect compliment to this winter wedding. And when a bouquet is filled with garden roses, anemones and roses - I suppose you really can't go wrong. See the entire wedding here.
Want to add a bit of whimsy to your wedding? Look no further than this fabulously fun bouquet. It has a personality all of it's own, and packed with serious pretty. The rest of the wedding is right here.
Last but certainly not least, this bouquet will always live amongst my favorites. It's simply stunning in every sense of the word, and provides the prettiness pop of color. See the gorgeous wedding here.
And that's just the tip of all the beautiful blooms we have sitting pretty in our archives. So if you are looking to get lost in some serious lovely, be sure to spend some time click through our galleries.
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