Anniversary Session from Nina Mullins Photography
July 26, 2013
Tri State
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Here at Style Me Pretty, we meet a lot of amazing couples; couples whose love stories have the ability to literally light up our worlds... and our computer screens.  This darling duo is one of those couples.  The talented twosome behind Tamiz Photography, and a beautiful Mr. and Mrs. celebrating eight years of marriage in NYC.  It's an anniversary shoot of epic proportions, featuring the ever-beautiful images of Nina Mullins Photography.  See them all in the full gallery.
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From Nina Mullins Photography... In January of 2012, we traveled to Maui to attend Jill LaFleur's workshop. It was also at this workshop that we met Jonathan and Rebecca of the amazing Tamiz Photography.  We hit it off right away with this couple, and became fast friends. Since then we have kept in touch and a few months ago Rebecca told us that they would be traveling from Maui to New York City to celebrate Jonathan's 30th birthday.  After a series of conversations, they hired us to come shoot a love session of them during their stay in the city.

Jonathan and Rebecca will soon be celebrating eight years of marriage.  Jonathan is originally from Oklahoma City, and Rebecca is from Maui, which is where they now live and run their very successful photography business. They got married when Rebecca was just 18 years old, and if you want to see the whole story, you can check it out here. They had a rough start to their marriage, and a lot of hurdles to overcome, but they fought for each other, and by God's grace they made it to the other side.  They are a beautiful, loving, and incredibly giving couple that would give you anything you asked for or needed.  Their generosity is unending, and we are so thankful and truly honored that they chose us to capture this side of their love, eight years later.  

We started the session in their hotel room, where Jonathan watched a video on Youtube, learning to tie his bow tie.  He ended up with a well-tied bow tie, which I swore he did incorrectly, but he swore it was absolutely correct (we later found out that he was right, and I was wrong). From there, we headed over to Central Park, wear Rebecca donned a beautiful gold sequins dress from BCBG.   And even though it was March, it was still quite chilly in New York City, and these two Hawaiians were chilled to the bone.  From Central Park we headed over to Times Square for some nighttime shots.  It's always quite the site to see, no matter how many times you visit Times Square.  Thousands upon thousands of tourists strolling the streets, with bright lights everywhere you look.  

The next morning we continued our session at Rockefeller Center, at the Top of the Rock.  This is one of our favorite locations in all of New York City.  You get an amazing view of the Empire State Building, along with the rest of the beautiful, iconic skyline.  Needless to say, if we thought the day before in Central Park was cold, it was nothing compared to the chilling wind at the top of this 70 story building.  The images you see of Rebecca and Jonathan by the elevator where taken more out of necessity than anything else.  You see, there was an amazing heater blasting beautifully warm air, which created a little shelter for them in between shots.  We love the shots of them huddled close together with the Empire State Building in the backdrop.

Our final destination landed us in Washington Square.  We had already finished our photo session by this point, but Jonathan had mentioned going to the square before we headed out for lunch.  When we arrived, there was a musician playing beautiful music from the movie, August Rush.  Perhaps the music got us all inspired again, because all of a sudden we found ourselves pulling our cameras out one more time, and we shot for another 30 minutes in Washington Square.  And possibly our favorite moment came when a man that feeds pigeons in the square allowed us to photograph Jonathan and Rebecca with the pigeons.  We love the shots where the pigeons are flying away.  It was a kind of magical moment, one that we won't soon forget.

We are so thankful we were able to capture this part of Jonathan and Rebecca's story.  We love this couple so much, and can't wait to share their memories with others.


Photography: Nina Mullins Photography | Dress: BCBG | Bowtie: Vintage | Jonathan's Shoes: Penguin | Jonathan's Jacket: INC