Palm Springs Wedding from Chudleigh Weddings
July 17, 2013
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This baby is stuffed to the gills with glamour, but in that really easy, totally effortless approach that I swear you have to be born with. And the starring Bride is seriously dripping in it. From that big bowed Lanvin dress to every last detail of her Palm Springs wedding to her love. It's a mash-up of cheeky details that the Parker executes so well and a layer of romantic blooms by Brown Paper Design all caught on camera by Chudleigh Weddings. See so much more right here.
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From the Groom... I proposed to Alexandra when we were still living in New York, and one of our first thoughts when we started planning the wedding that Spring was finding somewhere between New York and Sydney, our two homes at the time, so we could bring together all of our American and Australian friends.

Alexandra and I stayed at the Parker often when we were living in New York. It was a great way to break up trips back to Australia, we would check in an disappear into the gardens and pools for days, it's the most beautiful place. We spoke with Keisha Hammond, the head of events at the Parker, and thought she was just amazing, she was incredibly supportive of our plan to turn the Parker's restaurant, Mr. Parker into a private dining room and the bar into a dance floor, and with that we were set on the Parker.

I know it sounds cliched but we can not thank the people who worked with us on the wedding day enough. James Kefford our celebrant and 'lawyer' guided us through California state marriage law and a faultless ceremony. Brown Paper understood from the instant the aesthetic and creative direction we wanted and Fiore Beauty, especially Mouna were beyond delightful, both in LA prior to the wedding and in Palm Springs.

Britt Chudleigh and her husband Peter, were our wonderful photographers who we had found through our company Dunlin. We had long admired Britt's editorial photography, and once we looked at her wedding portfolio we knew she would be perfect. Both her and Peter were the life of the party, and we couldn't imagine the day now without them there.

Smiles Davis was a revelation! Smiles played from eight until two am, and the dance floor didn't stop once, how she dealt with a room of fifty wild Australians and New Yorkers I'll never know but she was amazing and really did make the night for us. Alex and I escaped the madness at around three, only to discover the party had moved to the Parkers swimming pool and continued to dawn. We could not have been happier to see our wonderful friends and family have such fun, it was truly the best day of our lives.


Photography: Chudleigh Weddings | Venue: The Parker Palm Springs | Flowers: Brown Paper Design | Day of Coordinator: Kathy Recchia with Save the Date Events | Stationary: Grooms sister, Zoe Barber | Music: Smiles Davis | Celebrant: James Kefford | Cake: Mister Parkers | Reception: Mister Parkers | Wedding Dress: Lanvin | Wedding Shoes: Celine | Jewelry: Cartier | Beauty: Fiore Beauty |