Brooklyn Botanical Garden Bridal Shoot from Amy Rizzuto Photography
July 17, 2013
Tri State
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There are bridal sessions... and then there is this lovely masterpiece of a session from Amy Rizzuto Photography, aka, a drop-dead gorgeous, take-your-breath-away shoot planned to perfection by Mekina Saylor and featuring one of the prettiest gowns from Sarah Jassir that you will ever lay your eyes upon. (Literally.)  And if that isn't enough to leave you complete speechless (it so is), then the stunning Brooklyn Botanical Gardens backdrop will most certainly do the trick.  See it all right here.
From Amy Rizzuto Photography... There is something completely magical about Spring time in New York City. The sun shining brightly after a long winter, the smell of warm rain showers, and of course, the cherry blossoms. For a long time, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens has been THE place to go to enjoy these lovely pink buds. Every day after work, new yorkers flock to the pretty blanket of petals that collects under the trees, taking in the stunning scene around them as they laugh with friends, read a good book, or just spend a few moments escaping from the busy city streets.

Even though Mekina lives in Manhattan, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is one of her favorite places in the world. She recalls, "This time of year always reminds me of the first time I fell in love. I was in high school, and completely elated that my senior crush had asked me to the prom. As I put on my gorgeous dress, I looked out my window to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens takes me back to that spring so many years ago. Every ounce of it is filled with beauty, making my heart overflow with the best feeling of all... love."

When I told Mekina my dream of photographing her as a bride in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, she happily agreed to be my lovely model! As Mekina is a planner, she got to work bringing Christina D'Asaro Design and Sarah Jassir of Angelique Bridal on board, who altered one of her custom designs especially for the shoot! Cherry Blossom Lane at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens was truly the perfect location for this whimsical bridal session. As the soft pink petals fell gently around Mekina, magic happened. The collection of photographs that resulted makes me feel joy, hope, and most importantly, love.

Photography: Amy Rizzuto Photography | Wedding Venue: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens | Event Planner: Mekina Saylor | Wedding Dress: Sarah Jassir via Angelique Bridal | Invitations: Christina D'Asaro Design | Jewelry, Hair Piece, and Veil: Angelique Bridal | Crown: Vintage