Engagement Photo Shoot + Film from Jana Williams + Tim and Co Motion Pictures
July 16, 2013
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Engagement sessions are kind of my thing. Don't get me wrong, my soul melts for a good wedding, but the pure, unabashed, let's grow old together kind of romance tied up in an e-sesh? Well, there's just nothing better. And today, lovelies, we get to indulge in an engagement like no other. An engagement where the leading lady in love just so happens to be the fabulous Katrina of Tone it Up! So sit back and get super excited, because Jana Williams and Tim and Co Motion Picture have officially outdone themselves with a gallery and film you'll want to swoon from the inside out.
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From the Bride-to-Be...Love is the most powerful thing we will ever feel in our lives.  It's what we all strive for~ to love and to be loved.  Love makes us want to be a better person, it warms the soul and makes our hearts beat faster.  Love can transform any moment~ that's what makes it so powerful, romantic and inspiring.

This shoot was so special to us, because it was our first time shooting with our wedding photographer.  It made it so real! We've been together for 10 years... we have literally grown up and grown together as a couple. Brian and I are both from New Hampshire and after spending 10 summers at my family lakehouse, Brian took the plunge off our boathouse and proposed to me in front of my family.

This engagement shoot with Jana was a celebration for us.  We really wanted it to be special.  I contacted my bridesmaid dress designer, Kirstie Kelly to see if we could special design a dress for the shoot.  I love how angelic and delicate tulle is, so Kirstie sketched out a skirt for the shoot.  She made the dress the color of my engagement ring, a gentle pale yellow.  This is also the exact tulle we chose to tie around each wedding invitation with a sliced shell. Brian wore his usual linen and we brought our actual bedspread to the shoot.  Brian is the most romantic man I know. This shoot brought us even closer as a couple and made us more excited for our wedding day.  This is the one thing that I tell people to do before their big day; take engagement pictures!  You're going to have these photos forever and it will be a beautiful addition to your wedding day to have photos at the reception.

Photography: Jana Williams | Cinematography: Tim and Co Motion Pictures | Floral Design: Kissingbees | Tulle Skirt + Blush Dress: Kirstie Kelly | Lace Top: Free People