Central Park New York City Wedding from Meg Miller Photography
July 15, 2013
Tri State
This wedding made me all sorts of happy inside. It could be the Central Park setting, maybe it's how the DIYs are all seriously stylish, or perhaps it's the bow ties, but I am pretty darn sure it's the two gentlemen in the center of all the celebration who are really making my Monday. Because not only are they stylish as all get out, the love they share for each other is beautifully obvious, and I just can't get enough of that. See all of the gorgeousness from Meg Miller Photography right here.
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From Meg... Kevin and Michael took DIY to a whole new level of chic. Not having much luck finding anything commercially produced, that they felt represented their organic style, they started from scratch. Using keynote, card stock paper and picture mounting corners, they designed and assembled all the invites by hand. Each invitation was hand addressed by Michael's mom, who happens to be an artist. Before placing in the envelope, each invite bundle (invite, RSVP and registry card) was hand-tied with black and white baker's twine. Each of the corresponding pieces within the invites consisted of the central bowtie theme.

As avid runners, Kevin & Michael share a lot of time together in Central Park. Kevin actually went down on one knee and proposed to Michael in the middle of First Avenue at Mile 18 of the NYC Marathon in 2011. They knew from the start that the park needed to play an integral role in where they would have their ceremony. They wanted to day to be special not only for them, but for everyone involved. Kevin was lucky enough to grow up with German exchange students from the same family. They all flew in for the wedding and the two girls (Ulrike and Caroline) participated in a reading along with the grooms’ sisters. They had the German sister’s read the text in German followed by the English translation from their sisters. They read the lyrics of Schumann’s beautiful song he wrote for his wife, Clara:

You my soul, you my heart, you my bliss, o you my pain,
you the world in which I live; you my heaven, in which I float,
o you my grave, into which I eternally cast my grief.
You are rest, you are peace, you are bestowed upon me from heaven.
That you love me makes me worthy of you; your gaze transfigures me;
you raise me lovingly above myself, my good spirit, my better self!

And then Kevin & Michael, reading from their iPhones, exchanged vows that each of them wrote to one another. The ceremony was finished with a reading of Pablo Neruda’s famous Sonnet XVII as well as a community blessing in which the entire group pledged to be there to support Kevin & Michael as they journey into marriage.

The reception was held at GustOrganics in the heart of NYC’s Greenwich Village. Keeping with the organic theme, they featured a fully organic menu, including wines. They even went so far as to ensure that their vegan guests and those with celiac had menu options. The decor of GustOrganics added such romantic tones and textures to their images.

Michael & Kevin wanted to ensure that their party take away’s left guests with something that was both memorable and meaningful. For the first of the two favors, Kevin & Michael wanted to share one of their favorite recipes for Chana Masala with those who came. Michael's mom designed the cards, which included a written description of the recipe written by Michael and Kevin. They filled all the spice packets themselves (with some help of very awesome friends) and affixed them inside with double stick tape. Again, as avid runners, they have a favorite post run treat that they pick up at Whole Foods Markets. They wanted their guests to have something sweet for the morning and bulk ordered these Breakfast Bars from the Union Square Whole Foods Location. Using bags purchased at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store, they packaged up 2 cookies per guest, tying each bag with ribbon and affixing a tag that was designed by Michael’s mom.

When asked about the DIY elements of their wedding, they said, "We pretty much DIY'd everything! We made the save the dates, we hand made the invitations, Michael's mom did all the calligraphy for the invites (the addresses) and the favors, we hand made the favors. The cookies were from Whole Foods. We also designed and made the programs. For the invites, Michael and I designed the actual invite, RSVP and registry note in Keynote, we then had it printed and we mounted it using the picture mounts onto each of the cardboard backings, we then tied everything together with bakers twine. For the favors, Michael's mom wrote out the front of the card, which Michael and I wrote and then we had them printed. We filled all the spice packets ourselves and affixed them inside with double stick tape. The cookies, or breakfast bars are from Whole Foods and we bulk ordered them and then bagged them ourselves. Michael's mom made the tags.

When I asked Kevin what his favorite memory of the day was he replied, "I would say my favorite memory from the day was exchanging vows with Michael in front of everyone that came to be there. It was really special to me. That question is really hard, because honestly, the whole day was awesome!"


Wedding Photography: Meg Miller Photography | Wedding Venue: GustOrganics on 7th Ave | Grooms' Attire : Seize sur Vingt | Kevin's Bow Tie: Custom Otis James Nashville | Michael's Bow Tie: J.Crew | Boutonnieres: Sprout Home Brooklyn | Shoes + Socks: Alfred Sargent Shoes + Corgi for J. Crew Socks (Kevin) + Cole Haan Shoes + Maxton Men Socks (Michael) | Cuff Links: Custom Made by Michael's Mom out of old typewriter keys | Pocket Squares: J.Crew