Houston Engagement Shoot at Memorial Park from Archetype Studio Inc.
July 12, 2013
This couple? They make camping look chic. And sweet. And adorable. And stylish. I may not be the camping type, but if it looks this pretty, I'm totally in. I just can't get enough of the images Archetype Studio Inc sent our way, and really, can you blame me? Because sitting in this gallery are snapshots these two cuties will treasure forever, and you can get swept up in all the sweetness right here.
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From the Bride... Before we began planning our engagement photos, Jason and I discussed the importance of wanting everything about our wedding to reflect ‘us’. Sounds cliché, but we wanted to keep it simple, with no extra props or fluff, unless it was actually a part of our relationship history. We decided to place ourselves in a setting we’re comfortable with, so it was an easy decision that our pictures would be taken outdoors and camping would have a starring role. Outdoor adventures have played a large part in our relationship which started with a New Years camping trip, after we had been dating for only one month. These experiences continued over the next three years, as we camped in the San Juan Islands and rafted down the Grand Canyon on a surprise vacation. Jason and I are blessed to have shared interests and tastes, which also means an appreciation for all things modern. This is the reason we incorporated a pair of Eames chairs I gave him into the camping portion of the shoot. We wanted classic images that would reflect our personalities and love for one another, which is why we also chose to include our ‘furry children’ in the pictures. We both brought a dog to the relationship, so it only seemed natural that Sadie and Deluca be included in the photos representing our future family of four.

I love a good juxtaposition, so we also chose to have a more formal outfit for the other half of our images. It was in these pictures I incorporated my second-most treasured piece of jewelry (my engagement ring obviously the first!), the monogrammed necklace Jason gave me when he proposed, which bears my future married initials. Planning and organizing the e-session was certainly a group effort. My handsome, handyman/future husband built the makeshift tent, my mom made the chevron pillows, and Jason’s mom and Oma brought the dogs to us at just the right time. The real credit, however, goes to Koby and Terilyn who not only made us incredibly comfortable, regardless of our setting, but let our personalities shine with their images. They captured us exactly as we are. We are beyond grateful for them and their photography skills, and now have a series of images showing our excitement and love for one another, that we can treasure forever!


Photography: Koby & Terilyn Brown, Archetype Studio Inc |Location: Memorial Park, Houston, Texas