Corrine Smith Design Spotlight
July 10, 2013
When Corrine Smith Design sent over this gorgeous Enchanted collection, I was immediately brought back to my childhood years. You know, the ones when you dressed up like a princess and got (pretend) married? I know you're with me, ladies. Well, since then, I've learned that a whole lot of planning goes into a wedding, making it easy to overlook your 'princess' dreams. Enter Corrine Smith Design, our guest for this week's spotlight and designer of these pretty headpieces shot by Craig & Eva Sanders Photography, that will put the 'princess' back on your big day agenda. Honestly, how could you not feel like royalty in one of her enchanting gems?
SMP: What is Corrine Smith Design?
CSD: Corrine Smith Design is an award-winning accessories brand specialising in beautiful handcrafted bridal headdresses and jewellery. Based in Scotland, designer Corrine has been creating adornments for brides since 2004. Her designs can be shipped worldwide and select designs are also stocked in bridal boutiques from New York to Japan.
SMP: What was the inspiration behind the Enchanted collection?
CSD: With the Enchanted collection I didn't want to limit my creativity by sticking to a particular brief in terms of theme or style. I really wanted to enjoy experimenting with new ideas and styles. It's always exciting for me as a designer to set time aside and flick through my sketch pads and pick out ideas, adapt them and then bring them to life.This collection will appeal to all tastes and has been largely influenced by 1970's bridal fashion with a bohemian feel. I also took inspiration for the collection from a number of bespoke commissions that I have created over the last few months.
SMP: Do you offer bespoke designs and how long does this process take?
CSD: Yes, a large percentage of our designs are created specifically for our individual brides. There is something very special about having a piece designed and made knowing that it is unique to you. Something to be treasured for years to come. We love to work with our brides on a one to one basis and the journey together from concept to completion is always an exciting one. Our bespoke design process can be a lengthy one particularly as some of our brides live on the other side of the world and we would recommend getting in touch no less than 3 months before your wedding date. Having said that we always do our best to accommodate individual timescales.
SMP: Can you offer some hair styling recommendations that complement your accessories?
CSD: Our accessories will work with most hairstyles but in my opinion lend themselves best to relaxed whimsical styling with long flowing locks or loose tousled up-do's evident in our styled photoshoots.
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Photography: Craig & Eva Sanders Photography | Accessories: Corrine Smith Design | Venue: Blairquhan Castle, Scotland | Hair & Makeup: Karen Bowen | Dresses: Opus Couture