Engaged in Ottawa from AMBphoto
June 27, 2013
North America
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True love is an amazing thing.  Like one moment you're standing in a bar (on a not-so-wonderful date), looking across the room at a handsome stranger... and a year and a half later you're running into him again while curling.  Timing, my friends, is everything.  And for this darling duo, it was also just the beginning of their story.  A story that is all about the magic of fate and truly being meant-to-be.  See it all captured beautifully by AMBphoto in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... David and I met in January 2012 curling, of all things... so Canadian. Some of my friends had rented the curling ice at the a recreation centre in Ottawa for the entire season and each week, we would pick new teams and play each other. It was my second season playing with this group and for the first half, I missed more than half the sessions because I was travelling in Peru. So when I started curling more regularly the first week of January, that's when I noticed there was a new guy in my curling group. I guess David had been asked to be a substitute player while I was away so we hadn't crossed paths until then when he was invited to play with us full-time. Over the next four months, we got to know each other a little better but we were each seeing someone else so I never thought more of him. When the curling season ended, as did our respective relationships, unbeknownst to us (and unbeknownst that the other was even dating anyone!). So when we both just happened to be at the same bar on the same night for completely separate events, I knew there was something bigger at work here! And something bigger was.

On our second date, David shared with me a story of how we had actually crossed paths for the first time a year and a half previously. My heart literally stopped at the memory that surfaced. Our eyes locked on each other at a downtown bar from across the room but I was on a date (apparently, one not going well, lol) and he was with his hockey team. We smiled at each other and we had a moment or a connection or a spark, but we were both unable to act upon it. As my date and I left, the stranger from across the room and I waved good-bye to one another in disappointment, thinking that we'd never meet again. When David saw me that first curling game in January, he knew immediately what my heart had forgotten. Fate had been smiling at us all this time.

People have always told us that when you know, you know. And on some level, I think we both knew from the onset. It's been an incredible journey together so far and it only promises to get better.


Photography: Anne-Marie Bouchard of AMBphoto | Styling: Catalina Bloch | Makeup: Shannon Ranger of One Fine Beauty  | Hair: Lori Dyck of Showpony Hair