Historic Cedarwood Wedding from Frenzel Studios
June 12, 2013
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As a lover of all things wedding and a new mother to boot, it's not hard to get me teary eyed. I got a little misty eyed the other day over a car commercial. But this couple has me straight up weeping. Frenzel Studios captured a love so pure, I didn't even have to read their story to know they were madly and deeply in love. But then I read their story. And oh my goodness, pass the tissues. This is a Cedarwood Weddings soiree at heart (and you know how much we love those!) but it's even a little more special that normal. Click here to see it all!
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From the groom ... I grew up admiring my parents’ marriage, and that of the seven aunts and uncles on my dad’s side of the family, and the six on my mom’s side. So from a young age, I knew I wanted to be married and have kids. I was shy and insecure, and so I spent years focused on school and work—things I was good at and comfortable doing. When I reached my 30‘s, I decided to focus more on finding love and I made a mess of it. I couldn’t meet anyone who I loved, or made me feel loved. Then, I met Angela. We met online and wrote long emails to each other. I knew right away I would fall in love with Angela and I did. She is talented, smart, witty, and stunning, but what I love (and fell in love with) most is her kindness, patience, and courage. I admire, adore, and love her. All the things I’ve wanted for myself—marriage, kids, a family, a home—are more tangible and real now that I’m with her. One of the things I’m most proud of is that a woman like Angela loves me. I want to marry her, and spend the rest of my life repaying her for that feeling.

From the beautiful bride ... Prior to moving to Austin in 2010, I lived in Nashville for 18 years. I was in long relationship throughout my youth & twenties, resulting in a failed engagement and a lot of heartache. I worked in the music business until I was diagnosed with a chronic heart disease at age 26 and unable to continue working. For several years after becoming sick, I felt like my hopes for the future had changed irreparably. I spent 3 years alone, in and out of hospitals, learning to live with and treat my condition. I reluctantly signed up for Match.com in March of 2012. I received Damon’s email within hours of activating my account; his sincerity immediately set him apart. We exchanged letters for a week before meeting at the Butterfly Gardens for our first date. He was the only person I met online, and I closed my account a week later. We both knew from our letters that we had found the person we would marry. It was simple and effortless. On our first date, I told him about my heart condition and he was un-phased by the limitations that I face in daily life or the challenges that we face as a couple because of my illness. His selfless spirit has given me back the future, and family that I had hoped to have. Being his first love has revitalized my love of being in love.

We both find romance in history and vintage things. Our vision for our wedding was an experience that was artistic, rustic, whimsical, classic, warm, simple, timeless, playful, and incredibly sentimental – and we could not have imagined a more memorable event than the one that Cedarwood created for us. The romance was in the finest details, and the staff was incredibly attentive to our every need and move - guiding us seamlessly through the day. The setting was like a storybook, everywhere we turned were little reminders of us. The styling Cedarwood created was more personalized than anything we could have imagined or done ourselves. It was unforgettable.

We got married on the same date as my grandparents 45 years prior. We honored their love and the bonds of family by presenting my grandmother (Grammy) with an antique brooch and photo from her wedding day as a reminder to everyone present that “love is patient, love is kind and love is preserving."

We are alike in a lot of ways, but also very different in others. Damon is a lawyer- studious, stylish, and classic (loves J.Crew). I am an artist/ illustrator with a more playful, colorful, understated style (love Anthropology & Madewell). We both wanted a simple, romantic, vintage themed wedding that would be an intimate experience with the people closest to us, but we didn’t know how to go about it. We tirelessly searched the web for ways to bring it together in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or Nashville - the places that mean something to us. Then we discovered Cedarwood in Nashville, TN. We knew immediately that we wanted the team at Cedarwood to design our wedding because their attention to detail was obvious and we knew just from what we saw online that their vintage inspired styling would compliment our love of antiques, rustic settings, and all things whimsical.

Cedarwood incorporated my illustrations throughout our event styling. We love little birds (which I use as a logo in my business) and so there were little birds perched all around. Also, our first date at the butterfly gardens in Austin, TX was represented with vintage butterflies on our cake! In fact, every detail we specified, from hazelnut flavoring in the cake to the cool mint color that complimented our wedding invites, became part of our wedding décor and design.

What I haven't mentioned already is how incredibly attentive and thoughtful the staff was to any needs our guests had.  The bride’s father was on crutches and he said that every time he turned around someone was taking his crutches off his hands, or handing them to him as he needed them again.  Our smallest guest, a 5 year old boy named Brayden was saddened to see that the other little boys had flowers pinned to their suits and he did not.  After asking everyone why he didn't get one - one of the sweet staff members came to the rescue with a little flower to pin to his suit...which he then stared at the whole night.  There are so many examples of the staff being leaps and bounds ahead of our needs, including arranging an all vegetarian menu.  With my heart condition as a constant factor in everything we do - from getting dressed, to running errands, to making plans - the peace of mind that Cedarwood provided during this important time in our life is invaluable.


Photography: Sarah Frenzel of Frenzel Studios | Venue: Historic Cedarwood | Event planning, floral and décor, styling: Cedarwood Weddings | Brides dress: Hand made by her mother-in-law, Suoi Ong | Brides earrings: Blue Nile | Grooms suit: J.Crew | Bags for wedding favors: Clementine weddings | Custom wedding invitations with illustrations by bride: Angela Pascale Illustrations | Ceremony music: Charlie Pate | Minister: Ralph Griggs | Catering: Private Chef Anthony Montgomery