Vintage Chandelier Headpieces by Jo Barnes Vintage
June 5, 2013
I'm a sucker for heirloom jewelry. There is something so romantic about a timeless piece being passed down from one generation to another, gracing each bride's beauty. So, when Jo Barnes recently sent over her charming new Chandelier collection, I instantly envisioned these pretties atop the tresses of many-a-bride for years to come. They're just that stunning. There's a whole gallery full of vintage loveliness and (if you're nosy like me) read on for our behind the scenes interview with Jo!
SMP: Jo, tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Jo Barnes Vintage.
JBV: Well, I LOVE anything that sparkles and I’ve always adored anything vintage since I was a young girl. The fashions were charming and elegant and the ladies glamorous. I love the clothing and the beautiful jewelry of these eras so it is a dream come true to be able to have a business doing something I love.

It all began when I was planning my very own wedding back in 2007. I had a load of my Nana’s old vintage brooches and a pearl necklace that I wanted to have with me on my wedding day as my Nana couldn’t be with me. So I turned them into a bouquet, I realised then that I had a hidden talent to create beautiful sparkly things and I’ve always had passion for anything vintage so then decided to create my headdress for my wedding too and that’s when Jo Barnes began.

SMP: Where did your passion for bridal accessories stem from?
JBV: I really loved the whole process of planning my wedding day. From there, I knew it was something I would like to be involved in—to be a part of other brides weddings and help make it special for them by creating them a beautiful sparkly creation to compliment their bridal gown. It’s so exciting to get pictures back from brides wearing their JB creation!
SMP: What inspires the style and creation of your designs?
JBV: My favourite bygone eras are the 1920s and 1930s, these are my main inspiration. The recent Chandelier collection was inspired by The Great Gatsby set in the roaring 20s. This collection features a lot of crystal and pearl drops, a wonderful design worn by many glamorous vixens in the 20s. I do try to add a modern twist to my designs, making them versatile so they can also be worn by brides wanting a modern traditional wedding rather than just for a vintage themed one.

SMP: What is your favorite piece?
JBV: Gosh that is a hard one! I couldn’t choose one piece I don’t think! From the new Chandelier collection I think my favourite piece would have to be Rozetta she is a wonderful statement piece but I also love Nelda and Ardella. From my whole range it would have to be my beloved Gracie headdress, she was an original design and is still going strong!
SMP: Do you offer custom pieces to match a dress?
JBV: I do offer a bespoke service to brides where I design and create a unique piece especially for them, reflecting their style and personality and complimenting their bridal gown. I am often asked to incorporate brides heirlooms into the design, whether this be a family jewel or a piece taken from their mother’s very own bridal gown or veil. I love creating these “one off” designs for brides and really enjoy getting to know the bride and being part of their big day.

SMP: What is your absolute favorite part of a wedding?
JBV: My favourite part would have to be the ceremony. As a bride, I just loved seeing my husband and literally ran down the aisle to grab his hand, saying our vows was so wonderful. As a guest, I love to see the bride enter the room and see how beautiful she looks and also see the groom's reaction, such a special moment!
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Photography: Ria Mishaal | Stylist + Headpiece Designer: Jo Barnes Vintage | Wedding Dresses: Exquisite Bride | Hair stylist: Tori Sturgess | Makeup Artist: Katy Phieffer | Venue: Nonsuch Mansion | Models: Holly Drinkwater and Sarah Then