Style Me Pretty California Welcomes Our Advertisers!
June 1, 2013
There's no question about it - Saturday.Is.Awesome.  Not only is it the day of the week that we get to spend diving into some uninterrupted pretty, it also happens to be the day we designate to meeting our brand new advertisers... and soaking in all of their greatness.  I'm talking the amazing Shutters on the Beach and St. Pucchi, here to add a little extra dose of lovely to your already fab weekend.  Ready to get to know them?  Let's go.

For those of you dying for that breathtaking ocean view with your feet firmly planted on solid ground, or just an all-around dazzling place to say "I do," Shutters on the Beach is most definitely for you.  That is, if you happen to love drop-dead gorgeous rooftop ceremonies, top-notch service and glorious Santa Monica settings.  (Ahem, all of you.)  Trust us, just one visit to the Shutters on the Beach website and you'll be calling their fab team faster than you can say "dream wedding."  Just take a look at this amazing venue...
From Shutters on the Beach... The perfect beach wedding; all view, no sand. Impeccable service for your guests. You won’t find a better combination.

You've been dreaming of walking down the aisle since the very moment you could say "wedding," and now that the time is finally here, you want to look and feel AMAZING... all caps style.  Enter St. Pucchi, a couture line of designer gowns that will leave your special someone (and your guests!) seriously breathless.  Think three collections ranging from the avant-garde to contemporary with a cutting edge twist and you are on the right track.  In fact, there's not a gown in the St. Pucchi lineup that won't leave you feeling like a serious princess.  How awesome is that?!?
From St. Pucchi... Rani Totman, President and Designer of St. Pucchi, founded the global bridal empire that is based in United States in 1985 with a vision to create unforgettable bridal couture through the inimitable eye of an artist sculpting dreams from the bride’s own fantasies.  Since then, St. Pucchi has grown into an extraordinarily unique brand with three different collections that cater to every bride’s unique desires. Known for their range of opulent, avant-garde offerings to modern, chic gowns with cutting-edge design, St. Pucchi offers unparalleled workmanship that encompasses every bride’s unique wedding style.

Welcome to the family, Shutters on the Beach and St. Pucchi!  We are so happy to have you! xoxo