Christina Gillon Events Spotlight
May 30, 2013
Today we're shining the spotlight on an LBBer that really truly loves what she does. A planner whose interview answers I was so excited to receive, because the weddings she's poured her heart and soul into, are just flat out gorgeous. That's Christina Gillon Events m'dears (formerly of Fete Weddings & Events) and lucky us, we're getting a look into how her fabulous weddings come together, including one of my all time favorite weddings shot by the lovely KT Merry. It's a whole lotta pretty that you don't want to miss!
SMP: What services do you offer?
CGE: We offer full service wedding planning and beyond, which means that we're with our couples every step of the way, from planning, implementing, budgeting and coordination of their entire wedding day and weekend.
SMP: How do you begin the process with each bride + groom?
CGE: Talking, lots of talking! We meet for a few hours in order to understand the couple's true vision for their wedding day as well as throughout their planning. We then we form a "plan of attack" so to speak, before we dive into the planning. This involves budgeting, checklists, timelines and tasklists to make sure we're always on track and on the same page throughout our planning together.
SMP: Why is it so important to have a wedding planner?
CGE: Because it makes planning so much for fun for the bride and groom! They know that we have their best interests at heart and that we will stop at nothing to give them the perfect wedding. So, they can enjoy the planning process, knowing that their wedding day will be everything that they want, without having to worry about how it is going to be accomplished. There are no last minute details or stressors the week of their wedding - they simply get to arrive at the beach (where we are based), relax, enjoy time with their friends and family and get ready on their wedding day. We handle the rest!
SMP: Best part of your job?
CGE: Definitely the relationships! Being able to be a part of such a special time in a couple's life is a true gift and I treasure the friendships that have been created from previous clients.
SMP: Favorite moment of a wedding?
CGE: The moment before the guests arrive and truly make the day real… when everything is set up, perfect, the bride is hidden and sneaking a peek at her guest's progression into the ceremony. The anticipation and excitement prior to "showtime" is palpable.
SMP: Any advice for brides + grooms to-be?
CGE: To always remember what their wedding day is about - a day of love and celebration in honor of their relationship. All of the other details certainly contribute to the day, but they are not as important as the two of them and their commitment to each other. So don't worry about anything else, because it always always works out - just enjoy the amazing day in front of you!
Photography: KT Merry Photography | Event Planning: Christina Gillon Events