Sausalito Wedding from Lori Paladino Photography
May 21, 2013
United States
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There are a few leading ladies in this Sausalito wedding captured by Lori Paladino Photography. One, being the glowing Bride and two, her entourage of beaaaUtiful blooms crafted by Flowergirl San Francisco along with gorgeous details to match by Be Hitched. It all makes for a celebration ripe with natural beauty in one of our favorite little spots tucked away in Northern California; the Headlands Center of the Arts. Have a look at the full gallery for so, so much more.
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From the Bride...The best advice we got was from a dear friend who reminded us that we were planning for our marriage, not just a wedding. We want to build our marriage around family and community- to create a foundation of love from which to reach further out into the world. So we tried to remember that this day was not about us and what we wanted and how we thought it should be, but rather, was about the union of our lives, lives which would pale if not for all those supporting us on our journeys and which will fail without their help as we move ahead. We tried to concentrate more on making our family, friends, and guests feel welcome and special than on the cute factor. And it worked!
The creative process of working with Liz and Travis, Sue, Ira and John, Katie, Lori, Shari, Rebecca at be-hitched, and Spencer really was inspiring. Our moms each choose a reading which helped shape our ceremony. All of these visions helped create a moment that was its own creature-an effort of love by many. That being said, it was really easy to get caught up in anxiety that we weren't attending to every detail, or that something wouldn't look right or turn out as we'd hoped. As much inspiration as I got from awesome wedding blogs, I could also get pretty overwhelmed. The more we just surrendered to the way things were unfolding, or the way that seemed the simplest, the more beautiful things turned out and the happier we were as we planned (ie, I didn't keep Adam awake all night with my head trips about place cards).

Our officiant Pat said something along the lines that the love from this one moment, this one day, would spill out into other people's lives in unforeseen ways for a long time. And she was right. There was a powerful feeling of love and unity in the air the entire day and especially during the ceremony. It felt so much bigger than just me and Adam doing something that was all about us. It was a celebration of love of all kinds that we know will stay with everyone who was there for a long time.

More than any incredibly cute DIY favor we could have thought up, having this heart-set is what will make our wedding day so memorable and a touchstone when things get rough (as they will) in the years to come. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much enthusiastic love. 


Photography: Lori Paladino Photography | Event Planning + Design: Rebecca, Be Hitched | Venue: Headlands Center of the Arts | Floral Design: Shari, Flowergirl San Francisco | Officiant: Pat Palmer | Caterer: Katie Powers Catering | Cake Artist: Comfort’s | DJ: Spencer Sutherland | Make-Up: Rebecca Horning | Hair: Amy Beno | Invitation Designer: Corey Dembitsky ( | Wedding Dress: Atelieres des Modistes | Shoes: Kate Spade | Groom’s Ring + Cuff Link Designer: Mar-Chet Jewelers | Ring Bearer Ribbons: Britex