Surprise Engagement from Evie Perez Photography
May 15, 2013
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You know what I love most about engagements?  No matter the time or place, it's always one of the most incredible moments you will ever experience.  Whether it's over chinese food in your PJ's or on a trip to the Mediterranean, in that space and time, there is only you, your honey and the love you to have for each other... and no one else in the world matters.  So when I get the opportunity to actually see a proposal happen, it makes my heart weak, especially when it's preceded by one seriously cute love story. Don't miss a single word of this sweet duo's description below and then join me for full gallery of pretty captured by Evie Perez Photography.  It's amazing.
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From the Bride... Ben and I first met at Berry College in 2008 when we both attended school there for our undergraduate, but the sparks did not start to fly until Mountain Day (alumni weekend) in 2012. After Mountain Day, we began to casually talk and became closer friends. On Thanksgiving of that same year, his father (who is my mentor) invited me to Thanksgiving festivities at their house on Berry’s Campus. Ben states, “when I saw her again on Thanksgiving, I instantly gravitated towards her and knew I needed to get to know this girl."  A few weeks later, he flew down from Baltimore, Maryland to take me to a Dave Matthews Concert, and we have been inseparable ever since.  Our love of music, life, love and caramel apples have brought us together.

From Evie Perez Photography... Ben and Katie weren't officially engaged yet, but started planning a little bit of their wedding. They live in two different states, Ben in Maryland and Katie in Georgia. Because they live in two different states, Ben hadn't officially asked Katie to be his bride. Katie wanted to go ahead and schedule an engagement session since this was the only time they had and the only weekend the would be together. When I arrived at the engagement session, Ben told me that he was going to go ahead and ask Katie to be his lifelong partner. She had no idea this was going to happen! I was truly happy that they asked me to be a part of this special moment and was there to document a moment in time that they would remember forever!


Wedding Photography: Evie Perez Photography