Toronto Engagement Shoot from Olive Photography
May 13, 2013
North America
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There is a word that we use to describe couples like this sweet Toronto duo and that word is "adorable."  I mean, how else could we characterize two people who mistakenly met online (she friend requested the wrong "Joel"), spent days (+ hours) corresponding and then promptly fell in love?  And then there is their e-session captured perfectly by Olive Photography, which is literally one heart-warming moment after another, complete with oh-so-chic outfits (hello, red bow tie) and smiles from ear to ear.  Sooo adorable. Click here for more.
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From the Groom... We started communicating through Facebook two years ago in June. At first, Chantelle sent me a friend request, thinking I was someone she knew from her Church. Then she realized, I was a different "Joel." After that, we spoke, going back and forth for hours, day after day. After a couple of weeks we began to become more anxious in anticipation for each other's response. Since she lived in Edmonton, Alberta and I lived in Brampton, Ontario, I never really expected to meet with her, so I simply enjoyed her conversation. When July came, she unexpectedly came back to Toronto where she originally lived to go back to school. Two days after she came back, we had our first date and over time, through spending more time with each other, we just knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other. In December 2012 we got engaged and now we're getting married!

From the Bride... The results of our engagement photos surpassed our expectations. Anastasia's photography skills are amazing, and her light heart allows anyone to feel comfortable enough to be themselves around her; which helps when capturing real moments. When we mentioned what angles we personally preferred she was able to quickly adapt to our request, and carried herself with great humility. She made the experience more than just a photo shoot; probing us to remember how we fell in love. She is amazing!

Photography: Olive Photography