Rustic Engagement Session from Delbarr Moradi Photography
May 13, 2013
United States
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You know what makes me extra happy?  An outdoor engagement session.  There's just something about spending the day frolicking around the wilderness with your honey that seriously warms my heart.  (It's the Montana girl in me.)  And when that outdoor engagement session happens to be captured by the ever-wonderful Delbarr Moradi Photography, styled to perfection by Amanda O'Shannessy Creative and features an adorable couple with an equally-as-adorable engagement story (see: the description below)? Even better.  Join me in the gallery for all of the pretty.
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From the Groom-to-Be... It was the two-year anniversary of our courtship and I told her to meet me at her house at 4am! She said yes and didn’t question why so early or even where we were going. Then we drove up near Napa for a balloon ride. The balloon ride was cancelled because of high winds and I was a little bummed, but she was so positive and fun.  So I told her I had a few things I wanted to tell her throughout the day about how she makes me feel. The balloon ride was going to be, “You make me feel like I’m floating on air just you and me, nearer to God.”

Afterwards, I took her for a hike up to the Santa Cruz mountains. When we got to the top, we stopped to paint. I had brought a mysterious bag, opened it up and brought out painting supplies. I painted a picture we took on the San Francisco bridge and she painted a photo of the surroundings. I told her, “I want to go on the journey of life together. It is going to be hard but when we get to the end we can paint the view together.”

After that we got lost! We tried to hike back down but we went in circles. She never complained, even though it was six miles and she had to hold her painting the entire time! We got back and I had prepared a picnic basket, with wine, grilled cheese, and oranges (her favorite). We also carved our names into a tree. I told her. “You give me rest, when I am with you I always feel rejuvenated and peaceful.” Then I pulled out water guns and started a water fight. After I said, “You aab me!” which means “You melt me” but in farsi “aab” is water.

Then I took her home to change (paint and sweat, what was I thinking?!) and I changed too, While she was changing, her mom and I talked and I showed her pictures of the ring. Then I took her to our favorite pizza place which was tradition, followed by a trip to a park by my old house to catch bugs. When we got there my friend had planted the jewelry box along the trail that I made her with our initials and a grasshopper carved on it. I used my net and “caught the box” and much to her surprise (after her thinking it was someone's random box hahah), she opened it with the key I gave her the year before on our one-year anniversary. Inside was a bunch of cut up cards, business cards I had gotten a while back with “Jonathan Shariat, Forouzan’s Boyfriend” on them that I would use to write her notes. So I told her I didn't want to be her boyfriend anymore, grabbed the ring box hidden under them and said, “I want to be your husband,” then I got on one knee and said the last part.

Delbarr is a lifelong friend of mine and someone whose work has inspired me as a creative person myself. When she said she would shoot our engagement photos I knew everything would come out perfectly. First, she talked with us and sent us pictures to nail down the style and story we were trying to tell. Amanda, from Amanda O'Shannessy Creative, who helped create all the cool details, came up with a brilliant story and arranged to have everything there that day. When we arrived Amanda had set up a brilliant display of feathers hanging from string. I don't even remember when we started taking pictures -- Delbarr is great at making you feel at ease. I was surprised at the beautiful, intimate moments she captured because usually we are both a bit camera shy. She would sometimes be very specific and other times just let things flow. She planned out each area we went and so we never had to wait around. I've never had so much fun and the pictures are now my most prized possession. Somehow she captured all the wonderful feelings that are overflowing from our hearts into images we can cherish forever.


Photography: Delbarr Moradi Photography | Styling & Design: Amanda O'Shannessy Creative