English Countryside Wedding from Caught the Light
May 8, 2013
United Kingdom
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I used to dream I lived in the English Countryside just passing my days in my gorgeous English garden or romping through a green as can be English field. And you know what? This wedding is every bit as beautiful as that countryside of my dreams. Only that countryside is playing host to a wedding day so perfectly captured by Caught the Light with a Bride and Groom way too beautiful to be real. But guess what? They're totally real and their wedding is all sitting right here for you to devour. Chop chop.
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From Caught the Light...I'd like to present Jessica and Matthew's wedding. They are both gorgeous people (inside and out). They had a rare outdoor humanist wedding in the English countryside where the sun shone (another rarity) and it was just beautiful. 

Photography: Caught the Light | Venue: The House Meadow | Humanist Ceremony Celebrant: Zena Birch | Floral Design: Katie, a family friend | Car: Family Owned | Catering: Chicks That Chop | Wedding Dress: Frou Frou