Style Me Pretty on Access Hollywood!
May 3, 2013
Yep, you read that right. SMP was on Access Hollywood! THE Access Hollywood, as in the one with big, fancy pants celebrities and Billy Bush and Kit Hoover and oh my gosh, I still can't believe it happened! The only downside? It aired in the midst of the Boston bombings so we're thinking that a lot of you didn't get a chance to see it. But not to fret, we have all of the behind the scenes dirt for you today. Including one very dorky picture of me with one very handsome Billy Bush. Oye.

Okay, so first of all. There are MAJOR thanks that need to happen before I dive into all of the behind the scenes goodness. Mar & Nicole at TEAM Hair & Makeup. Otherwise known as "what would I have done without them" angels. The kind of angels that weild makeup brushes and pretty eye shadows and can instantly transform a blogger from plain to POW in under an hour. You girls are my everything.
And to the peeps that helped to make our tables so very pretty...Flowerwild for the absurdly gorgeous flowers ranging from bright and poppy to rich and totally luxurious, the flowers made the tables truly sparkle. Thank you so much, Kate.
And um, I know you're all dying to know who did the cakes. OOOObviously, it was Melody at Sweet & Saucy Shop who does the most gorgeous cakes and treats EVER. Our lovely linens were from La Tavola and our rentals were from Classic Party Rentals. And the result of these vendors all smushed together? Wedding perfection.
Okay, so here is my day. We got up around 4:45AM because we had to leave the hotel at 5:45AM. Thankfully, my brain & body were still on East Coast time so I wasn't too crushed. When we arrived, we met Mar & Nicole at TEAM Hair & Makeup and our beyond lovely Producer, Lee. They showed us to the dressing room (I seriously had a dressing room) where we got to work transforming my tired mug into something presentable. We had to do a walkthrough with the tables that our amazing Jess was setting up for SMP. I was told where to stand, look, how to hold the DIY projects that you can see on the tables, etc. which was a little scary but I just put my badass face on and pretended like it was no big thing. It's what I tell my four year old to do when I know she's scared. Except I don't say badass.
Oh and in the meantime, the day's other guest arrived...Fantasia Barrino. Yep, how freaking cool. She is tall and chic and absolutely beautiful and her entourage of people were all super nice. Don't you always wonder that? I know I do. And don't even get me started on the fact that I saw Ronnie from the Jersey Shore and Latoya Jackson at KTLA. Ronnie was quiet, Latoya was tiny and said "hi" to Jess. So cool. Michael Cudlitz was there too but I don't watch Southland so when I proudly announced that Homeland was my favorite show, I'm sure he thought that I was a real peach.

Back to Access Hollywood. Mar then finished doing my makeup and hair for the live teases. I was literally being zipped up as I walked out the door, blush brushes in my face and little hands making sure every last hair was in place. Full on super star style. I know, crazy. Okay, so the live teases go something like this:

Director: Abby, you're going to place a flower into the arrangement then look up at the camera and smile.

Abby: But what if I mess up the pretty flowers that Kate made?

Director: Do you think you'll mess it up?

Abby: Probably.

Director: Okay, pick up that fork then and put it down (read: you can't possibly mess that up can you?)

So if you saw the teases, and looked really close, you probably saw my mouth twitching and my nostrils flaring from concern that I was going to mess up the whole fork placing down thing. And ruin my chances of coming on again. Or at the very least getting a talking to from the director.

Then, within what felt like 10 seconds, I was on! And Kit + Billy were adorable. And easy going. And made the whole thing a piece of cake. It didn't hurt that I was talking about some of my favorite ideas and vendors on the planet. LIVE. Yes kids, this was live. And thankfully, I not only survived...I loved it. Every last stressful, fun, exciting moment of it. And I still can't believe it happened. #luckiestgirlonearth.

Afterwards, Kit came over and let me snap a few pics with her then we frantically shot the tables before they were broken down. Then Billy let us take a few with him which was kind of fun. And then there was a minute or two of shooting the breeze with the two of them like I totally did this all the time. And then it was over and before I knew it, I was enjoying a celebratory glass of Rose at Lisa Vanderpump's Villa Blanca. And don't even get me started about that experience, as I am officially the biggest Housewives fan on the planet.

While I was out in LA, I also did a quick little feature on household items transformed into something fab for KTLA & SMP Living and one on social media for E! News - will keep you posted on that and will share all of the behind the scenes goodness there too. It was a crazy, fun, wild week and one that I am definitely going to savor for a few more minutes.  Okay, probably for a few more days (cough, years).


Flowers: Flowerwild | Cakes & Treats: Sweet & Saucy Shop | Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Rentals: Classic Party Rentals | Abby's Dress: Calvin Klein | Abby's Earrings: Kendra Scott